January 28, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Christmas is for Children and the Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund (ROOF) Needs You!

Pat Davis Szymczak

   It’s the Holidays again and that means it’s time to send to your business associates bottles of expensive whiskey, candy,...

Main Article

Emerson Announces Smart Energy Initiative To Optimise Industrial Energy Production

Emerson Process Management has announced the “Smart Energy Initiative”, a global programme designed to combine its unmatched industrial energy expertise with advanced energy management technologies. This will enable customers to leverage more renewable fuels, lower energy costs and reduce emissions.

Featured Article

Statoil Makes New Big Oil Discovery In Barents Sea

The discovery of the Havis field opens a new petroleum province in the Barents Sea, Statoil leader Helge Lund says. Exploration drilling conducted with the Aker Barents rig shows that the Havis field contains between 200-300 million tons of oil equivalents, Statoil informs in a press release.

More Top Features

A More Secure North. Nord Stream Cuts Transit Volumes Through Ukraine, Good News for Europe – Bad News for Ukraine

   Gazprom has finally completed the new export pipeline to Europe called the Nord Stream. It is now obvious that the traditional Russian gas export route to the EU is facing serious competition and the current flow will eventually “shrink”.

Azeri-Georgian Interconnector Would Kick-Start Black Sea LNG Market

   The latest of the projects aiming to supply gas directly from the Caspian to Europe circumventing Russia has lately attracted a lot of interest on behalf of the post- Soviet states though initially they were not envisioned as participants of the new gas supplying system.

Turkmenistan Cuts into Gazprom's Hoped-for Share of Chinese, Indian Markets New Supply Source Might Also Make a Trans-Caspian Pipeline Viable

   It’s hard to imagine that a rugged desert-bound police state with a population of under 6 million could challenge Russian gas behemoth Gazprom and defy the Kremlin in the backyard that Moscow once called its empire. But Turkmenistan has shown it has few qualms about upstaging its former master by courting Russia’s prize export markets, both current and prospective.

South Stream "Plan B" May Cut Costs and Raise Commercial Viability

   Rapidly growing European demand for natural gas calls for faster implementation of Europe-bound gas transportation projects. It’s not that this should be pursued at any cost. The projects must be cost-effective and competitive compared to the existing or planned routes.

New Export Priorities for Russia: Perspectives of Energy Supplies to the Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region and the APEC Block

   Russia has the largest known energy resources of any state on earth. Its energy resources are mostly concentrated in the Asian part of the country that includes scarcely populated regions of Siberia, the Far East and Arctic as well as industrially undeveloped territories to the north and east which also have very poor infrastructure.

Scientific Potential Stimulates Tyumen's Economic Development

   Tyumen region is one of Russia’s most dynamically developing regions. Also,  it has a significant socio-economic and technological potential.
The region has created legal, infrastructural and informational base for investment and developed a mechanism to ensure the protection of investors’ interests.

Properties of Floating Layers of Natural Gas Hydrates

   In 1961, a new discovery [1, 2] led to an announcement of a new source of hydrocarbons – gas hydrates (GH) which represent chemical compounds of hydrocarbon gases and water.

Weatherford Red Eye® Series Water-Cut Meters: Red Eye® 2G and Red Eye® Multiphase

   For several years Weatherford has been successfully using the pa--tented optical sensor technology for accurate measurement of oil and water content in mixed flow. Its development started in 1990s and by 1998 the first generation of Red Eye® 1G industrial water-cut meters was introduced.

Unrivaled Solution for Fire Protection of Load-Bearing Structures in Harsh Environments

   In the late 1970s the development of oil&gas industry brought up a challenge of choosing fireproof materials for supporting steel structures, for hydrocarbon fire scenarios.

PeterGaz LLC Sets a New Oceanographic Record

   PeterGaz LLC is an engineering company whose main fields of activity include engineering design of hydrocarbons production/transportation facilities, performance of offshore and onshore surveys, engineering design approvals with the respective RF government authorities, processing of appropriate authorizations for construction projects, and construction management as project manager/developer or EPC contractor.

High-precision Inclinometer Surveying Now Has a Name – It’s Stockholm Precision Tools AB.

   What innovative projects is Stockholm Precision Tools AB  working on?
At this year’s international exhibition MIOGE-2011/“Oil and Gas-2011” we have introduced a new-generation tool for underground navigation - the “ High-temperature gyro inclinometer GyroTracer HT™”.

Norway Positive on Results of Barents Sea Seismic Survey

Results from first seismic survey in earlier disputed part of the Barents Sea are promising. Geologist and Director General Bente Nyland of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate likes what she sees. Nyland presented the 2011 results from the Norwegian continental shelf on Monday.

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