March 27, 2012
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№ 1 (January 2012)

High-precision Inclinometer Surveying Now Has a Name – It’s Stockholm Precision Tools AB.

   What innovative projects is Stockholm Precision Tools AB  working on?
At this year’s international exhibition MIOGE-2011/“Oil and Gas-2011” we have introduced a new-generation tool for underground navigation - the “ High-temperature gyro inclinometer GyroTracer HT™”.

By Orlando Ramirez, General Director of SPT AB. An interview with Orlando Ramirez, CEO of Stockholm Precision Tools AB

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   It was no coincidence we chose the Moscow venue for the introduction of the GyroTracer HT™.  Russia has the largest reserves of hydrocarbon and mineral deposits in the world. These resources are concentrated across a range of unique geographic areas with demanding production environments. The production challenges are both interesting to our company, and serve as a motivating factor. The innovative inclinometer capable of operating at high borehole temperatures could significantly simplify the process that the Russian oil industry workers employ.

   SPT AB devices operate on five continents in a variety of environments, including the complex wells of the USA, Brazil, Norway and the UAE. The idea of a high temperature gyro inclinometer was the result of continuous improvement of the first line of GyroTracers.

   The GyroTracer HT™ gyro inclinometer is the most advanced device on the market, combining the latest advances of gyroscopic instrument technology, modern electronics and 15 years of the Company’s experience. The tool is designed to determine the inclination angle, geographical azimuth and spatial attitude of the axis of the high-temperature wells of any profile. GyroTracer HT™ specifications ensure highly reliable and precise inclinometer surveys with low energy consumption. The integral high-tech Dewar flask guarantees consistent operation in high well temperatures, making GyroTracer HT™ unique and highly competitive in its field. The tool lasts for five to six hours at wellbore temperatures of up to 150°C, and for seven to eight hours at temperatures of up to 125°C. Unlike competitors’ tools, GyroTracer HT™ does not require surface calibration  or  sight alignment before the run. The data obtained is highly reliable, with no time drift, as is the case with traditional gyroscopic devices.

What are the development prospects for Stockholm Precision Tools AB?
The company is working hard to build our customer base. This year, the number of SPT AB customers grew by 20 percent. Our customers range from large public to small private companies. We successfully supply subsidiaries of such global leaders as Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Weatherford. Our customers have confidence in the reliability and precision of SPT AB equipment. The success of any geophysical research and production company depends not only on the quality and competitive edge of the tools, but also on the state of geological exploration market, hydrocarbon production levels, competent tactics, and development and management strategies.

   For SPT AB, the key task is to take an individual approach to every client, with close consideration to the specifics of their business, provide highly accurate and reliable instrumentation for new-generation gyro inclinometer surveys and high-quality service. That is why we intend to open a representative office of SPT AB in Russia. To optimize the work with clients from Russia and other CIS countries we will set up two divisions, a Service Center and a Training Center. Here all our clients will get service and equipment repair, while client’s personnel can be trained to use our equipment. We work hard to ensure our success!

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