February 2, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Back to the USSR, You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are!

Pat Davis Szymczak

   I’m writing from Houston this month. And I’ve picked up two books which make interesting reading when read at the same time:
“From Soviets...

Main Article

KMG EP Acquires “Karpovskiy Severnyi” Exploration Block

KazMunaiGas Exploration Production JSC has closed of the acquisition of 100% of shares in Karpovskiy Severnyi JSC from GazMunaiOnim LLP for $59 million, the company reported in a news release. Karpovskiy Severnyi JSC is a subsoil use right holder under the Contract for Exploration of Oil, Gas and Condensate at Karpovskiy Severnyi contract area in the Western Kazakhstan region. The deal was approved on 18 October 2011 by the Board of Directors of KMG EP. All regulatory approvals have also been received.

Featured Article

TNK-BP Russian Specialists Gain Offshore Drilling Experience at Lan Do Platform in Vietnam

TNK-BP's project team developing the Lan Do field offshore Vietnam has been joined by some of the company’s young Russian specialists, TNK-BP reported in a news release. The Russian interns will learn study the theory and practice of offshore drilling operations in Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City and on a drill rig.

More Top Features

Siberian Resources for Europe

   Quite recently the most anticipated project of the world power industry has been commenced. And we are talking here about the Nord Stream gas pipeline. On Nov. 8 Russian gas supplies to Europe started.

Removing Stumbling Blocks from the Northern Sea Route Russia Plans to Pass a New Law to Develop Shipping in the Arctic

   Russia intends to offer the international business community a new way of shipping its goods, one running via the Northern Sea Route. Once abandoned and allowed to run into neglect, this rugged sea route, provided it receives substantial investment, can become a competitor to the Suez and Panama Canals.

First Seismic Vessel Transit of the Northern Sea Route Arctic-ready design saves time, fuel and cost

   The 3D seismic vessel Polarcus Alima has successfully transited from Norway to the Asia-Pacific region via the Northern Sea Route (NSR)—a first in the seismic industry. This achievement, which saved considerable time, fuel, emissions and cost compared to alternative routes, was only possible thanks to unique environmental features of the Polarcus seismic fleet.

Global Energy 2012: Deloitte’s View

   Without any doubt, the world today is feeling the pinch of global energy resource shortages, while those available are distributed very unevenly. This urgent problem was the theme of the UN-sponsored “Sustainable Energy for All” international conference that opened in Oslo, Norway on October 10.

Arctic Development – an Imminent Inevitability

   Arctic Ocean is the largest oil&gas province in the world. Which means that its development is inevitable, though it will require tremendous resources.
(Igor Gramberg, RAS academician, 1970s)

SPE 2011 President, Alain Labastie, Comments on SPE in Russia

   Alain Labastie has served throughout 2011 as President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. And as Engineering Advisor for Enhhanced Oil Recovery Technologies for Total in Pau, France,  Labastie is familiar with Russia – where Total has strong partnerships with Russian upstream operators – and with Arctic Technologies.

Three-Dimensional Geological Structure of Sedimentary Basins Based on 3D Seismic Data Analysis

   Over the last years c Oil Company has conducted a great number of 2D/3D seismic surveys in order to prepare for drilling the prospective targets located in the deepwater part of the Black Sea. The survey area is located in the Eastern Black Sea basin and is confined within the Shatsky Ridge and the Tuapse Trough. 

New Edge of Safety in Coiled Tubing Operations with X-11* CT Unit

   First Coiled Tubing strings were created in mid-1940s in UK but Coiled Tubing Service as oilfield business began developing in Russia in late 1990s. Since then and until now absolute majority of CT units (CTU) still based on use of hydraulic systems as safe, flexible and convenient way to transmit power.

Paying Off a Losing Bet

   Over the last five years Russia bet heavily on  Muammar Gaddafi. Until recently, the bet made sense. Gaddafi was the gatekeeper to Libya’s oil, and Russian companies desperately wanted access to Libya’s upstream sector.

Technology for Function and Structural Arrangement of the Relay Protection Equipment Installed in a Cabinet to Provide All Types of Electrical Protection of Devices, Buses and Cables

   Floating drilling platforms have been using 6(10) kV for power supplying of complex and power-consuming process equipment within the structure of electric power systems throughout the entire world for a longtime.

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