February 5, 2012
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№ 7 (July - August 2011)

New Oil Discovery On Turkmenistan Off-shore Caspian Field

Engineers with the Turkmenistan state concern Turkmenneft have discovered a significant new powerful commercial flow of oil at the North Koturdep field in the coastal zone of the Caspian, Turkmenistan.ru has reported. The well, which is located in shallow waters in the Caspian about one kilometer from shore, hit three new highly-productive layers.

By A.N.G.I.

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Preliminary evaluations of the new find show a flow of 730 tons of oil per day.

Representatives of Turkmenneft note that in June a well in the 'marine section' of the North Koturdep field produced 800 tons of oil a day.

Turkmenistan oil men are calling the new discovery proof of the huge potential on the Turkmenistan shelf and the Caspian coastal zone.

They say it is possible additional significant discoveries lie ahead.  

Turkmenistan's hydrocarbon resources on the Caspian shelf are estimated at 12 billion ton of oil and 6.5 trillion cubic meters of
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