February 4, 2012
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№ 7 (July - August 2011)

Russian Technopark Prepares for International Forum NefteGazTEK-2011

Tyumen is preparing to host the international innovation forum NefteGazTEK which will be held at the Tyumen technopark where the congress-hall will be the main forum for discussion. Deputy director of the West-Siberia Innovation Center, Dmitriy Grigoryevm, noted that on-line broadcasting of the event will be sent from the 238-seat auditorium on the forum website. Last year's debut forum was attended by 576 delegates.

By Staff writers, wires

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One of the highlights of last year's event was the signing of an agreement between Tyumen Region and the Bortnikov Foundation to support young scientists. THe technopark is now an official representative of the foundation.

"We have conducted two preliminary tournaments. The first was held in November 2010 and the second, in March 2011. 40 young innovators took part. The students and graduate students who won in their categories will receive grants of 200,000 roubles per year, West-Siberia Innovation Center director Aleksandr Sakevich said.

Organizers are betting on finding personnel for the fuel and energy industry during the event. Tyumen institutes are playing an active role in this year's event.

one of the top topics this year is environmental safety. "The program envisions an Ecology section. We hope that it will cover all the issues of this area in our region", Regional Strategic Development Department Head Aleksandr Rudenko said.

The forum is opened to students and any one else who is interested. Admittance is free of charge, though event co-ordinators ask visitors to register ahead of time.

The Second Tyumen International Innovation Forum NeftegazTEK-2011 wil be held 20-21 September. The event will also have an exhibit on achievements in the oil and gas sector. The official opening is scheduled for 10:00 with the forum commencing at 12:00.

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