February 4, 2012
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№ 7 (July - August 2011)

Cables That Perform Better

   With its ups and downs, the global economy is making increasingly high demands of manufacturers in terms of efficiency and production safety from year to year. For oil and gas companies, this topic is particularly relevant since the safe and uninterrupted operation of equipment is a prerequisite for efficient production.

By This article was supplied courtesy of Severstal-metiz Company

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   The search of advanced technologies, equipment and accessories that enhance the safety of production and simultaneously help reduce operating costs is among priority for mining companies. While fulfilling this need on behalf of the customers, the Severstal-metiz Company created a unique design of steel cables for fixed drilling rigs for oil and gas wells and deep drilling equipment.
Wire cables are the flexible link between the heavy drilling tool and a winch. This part of the rig’s sheave system bears a significant load (lifting and suspending the heavy drilling equipment weight). Therefore, the cables for the rigs should feature high mechanical strength (to withstand multiple loads like stretching, bending, vibration, contact stress, the outer and inner wear of wires), being at the same time flexible enough. This class of products includes the designs developed by the Severstal-metiz engineers:
6-strand cables with combined core as per TU-049;

8-strand cables as per TU-072;

8-strand cables with plastic compacted strands as per TU-051.

   The six-strand cables as per TU-049 have a number of advantages over the standard cables as per GOST 16853 with a metal core. Thanks to the special design of the outer strands, the new cables are characterized by higher resistance to abrasion, but they are more flexible due to design features of the product core. The presence of organic fillers does not only reduce the influence of dynamic loads on the cable, but also provides an additional source of lubrication inside the product. Today, Severstal-metiz offers consumers two versions of these cables, namely the round-strand cable (TU-049, Type 1) and the cables with plastic compacted strands (TU-049, Type 2). Type 2 cables offer additional benefits with respect to the round-strand counterpart due to the higher structural density of inner wire; they are loaded more evenly, which reduces the sporadical breaks of wires within the strands to a minimum. The tensile strength of such products is 15-20 percent higher than the similar cables in accordance with the GOST for the same diameter. Thanks to compact design, the cables feature higher resistance to transverse crushing, whereas by reducing the contact stress, we increase the wear resistance of wires and strands. In addition, less wear and tear of pulleys and drums is ensured through larger area of ​​contact with the bearing surface of the cable. The TU-049-based cables are recommended for use on the drums without grooves or with parallel grooves.

   The main benefits of 8-strand cable according to TU-072, compared to the GOST 16853-based cables with organic core, include increased flexibility, higher fatigue resistance, greater tensile strength and longer service life. It should be noted that these cables are recommended for use in small sheaves and drums, where the ratio of the drum diameter to the cable diameter is less than 20. The products are designed for drums with the Lebus-grooved drums.

   The eight-strand cables based on TU-051 with the plastic compacted strands, just like TU-072-compliant cables, also offer increased flexibility and high fatigue resistance, higher tensile strength as compared to the standard GOST cables designed for the Lebus-grooved drums. The products are recommended for the rigs, which drum-to-cable diameter ratio is 20-24. The advantages of the cables offered by Severstal-metiz over the standard hardware are obvious, but to ensure the maximum effect it would not be enough to buy a good product, it is necessary to make the right selection and rig it up. To provide consumers with full technical support, the company has established the cable service center, where experts help customers in choosing the optimal design, participate in the rigging, conduct the training sessions, monitor the service life length of the cables, and develop more custom-tailored products. In light of the wide variety of mining equipment and specific operating conditions, to seek guidance from the cable service center is a must in the selection of your cables.

   While actively expanding its service line of business, Severstal-metiz has been mastering a technology for pre-stretching of the cables. This routine allows you to remove the residual structural stress and get rid of operational elongation. The torque of such cables is much lower than the torque of a similar product of the same design. In addition, the cable pre-stretching allows the customer to abandon the initial run-in of the cable and thereby save money.

   The company has made a great leap forward in technological terms over the past five years. A whole line of unique specialty products has been launched. Carefully studying the concerns and needs of the customers, the company strives to provide the optimum technical solution, a balance of price and quality, and bring the maximum benefit to the consumer.

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