February 4, 2012
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№ 7 (July - August 2011)

Searching for New Horizons

   Building on over 175 years of manufacturing high quality, reliable and innovative products, Sulzer pumps searches for new horizons in Russia.

By Itamar Vandelli

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   For many years Sulzer Pumps developed an aggressive expansion program and has a truly global footprint of 14 manufacturing facilities and over 65 service centers around the world. The map below provides an overview

   In 2010 we started a new development program for our activities in Russia, establishing a new Sulzer legal entity (LE) in Moscow in addition to our existing LE in St Petersburg. Meanwhile, we searched for a suitable location for our first service center to provide quality repairs, retrofits, spare parts, field services and training to all our customers in the industrial area around Moscow.

   After visiting several possible locations we identified a building at Khimki (Moscow Region) and after only seven months the facility was totally refurbished. New walls, roof, floor and the necessary equipment for a modern service center with overhead cranes, compressed air supply, electricity, heating, etc. The layout meets Sulzer Lean manufacturing principles with all equipment being state-of-the-art, brand new machines. This allows our facility to manufacture parts for Sulzer and third party pumps in accordance to our high quality standards.

   During this period we also recruited, trained and developed the Sulzer Moscow service center personnel including management, engineering, logistics, project management and shop floor specialists. After selection from highly qualified Russian professionals, we mobilized our colleagues in Europe for training in Germany, Great Britain and other locations where they could be fully trained in Sulzer standards and procedures for manufacturing and field service. In the engineering departments Sulzer transferred to its new Russian colleagues the necessary pumping knowledge for the design of centrifugal pumps. This included material technology, new hydraulics efficiency improvement, test bed procedures, quality control norms, machining, assembly, etc. All these measures allow our team to professionally address all the centrifugal pumping system problems that our customers may face. We focus on innovative, technical solutions to increase efficiency, deliver energy savings, double or triple the mean time between failures, analysis of customers pumps to suggest and implement improvements that increase reliability and operating life with the associated reduction in maintenance costs.

   The main capabilities of Khimki service center are:
Repair and refurbishment of both Sulzer and third party pumps.
Retrofits of all kind of rotating equipment, upgrading material technologies and operational parameters as per customers needs.
Modern spare parts manufacturing center enabling us to quickly supply parts for many kinds of rotating equipment.
24/7 hot line to field service engineering assures a fast response to customers needs.
Support for maintenance contracts inside customers plants.
Support for spare parts supply contracts including administration of stock inventory assuring fast delivery and minimizing downtime of your equipment.
On site engineering analysis of pump systems to identify the optimum technical and pay back system improvements.

   Our development plans are not limited to the Moscow Region. Our target for 2011 is to identify and implement another service center before the end of the year, this work is already well underway. We are also seeking further potential locations for service islands and centers plus, of course, Sulzer-trained competent and professional engineers to operate these new facilities.

   In addition to these various service locations provision of a new pump assembly plant is also being considered.

   The core of Sulzer Customer Support Services (CSS) operating principle is Performance Through People. Our Lean manufacturing program is being implemented in the first service center to ensure standardization of procedures, engineering and rationalization of processes. Extensive training assures the parts made in and services provided by Sulzer in Russia will provide our customers the high performance, durability and dependability they need.

   Supporting all these activities are the Sulzer Core Values that are also being introduced into Russia, ensuring all our locations are world class pump solutions providers.   

Thus our Core Values are:
Customer Partnership - we exceed the expectations of our customers with innovative and competitive solutions
Operational Excellence - we perform on the basis of structured work processes and LEAN principles.

   Committed People -we are committed to high standards and show respect for people.

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