August 31, 2011
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№ 6 (June 2011)

Computerized System for Heat Treatment of Viscous Oil Deposits

   Steam injection or heat treatment is the effective technology for enhanced oil recovery at the deposits with heavy hydrocarbons. Pressure recovery, viscosity reduction and better flow parameters ensure oil production rate at up to 50-80 percent. The key performance booster is the speed of the heat treatment; it provides for seamless regulation of the optimal ratio between water cut and oil production rate.

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   System DreamSteam PRO-V features a high rate of response in steam generation control unit, continuous monitoring of supplied steam mass, and online measurement of the produced oil and the water content level.

DreamSteam PRO-V is based on the following cutting-edge products:
a) High-response compact Steam Production System by Clayton Industries. The device automatically changes the options for saturated dry steam generation (steam output and pressure) following the control signals from a remote workstation, also providing automatic, fast “cold start” and scheduled shutdown.
b) Multiparameter universal steam meter by VorTek Instruments with built-in sensors for velocity, pressure, temperature, and an integrated flow corrector for much higher precision in steam consumption rate under varying operating parameters. The Vortek smart field-type meter can measure temperatures in the range between -200 C and +400 C, has a built-in corrector of the compressible medium density, performs correction of the calibration curve of the vortex velocity sensor by the measured velocity, temperature and pressure parameters, is reconfigurable for liquids and gases, and houses an external analog interface for correcting the base density of the medium.
c) Well production measurement system based on the primary cone transducer V-cone by ΜcCrometer, which serves three important functions: flow conditioning, alignment of the velocity profiles, the formation of the pressure difference depending on flow rate and homogenization, and WMS online water content measurement system by Liebherr. V-cone is high durability device with low pressure loses. It cuts the cost of straightforward piping for metering stations,eliminates the use of static mixture for water-in-oil measurements.

   For data transfer to a remote workstation operator all system components use unified Modbus communication protocol. The container-type Clayton steam generation system with steam consumption meter and a transceiver is in factory test stage. Oil flow and moisture content measure subsystem is supplied in compliance with the operating conditions. All the elements and the DreamSteam PRO-V system as a whole are manufactured compliant to customers’ requirement specifications and meet the most severe requirements and conditions.

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