August 27, 2011
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№ 6 (June 2011)

7 Advantages of TECHMASH Field Camps

   A modern-day field camp is a complex piece of engineering and the best choice for organizing work in remote locations, particularly where harsh climate impedes construction work, or even makes it impossible. Production of camps is a core competence of the Techmash Group which has been working in the market of modular building for 10 years.

By Leonid Rapoport, Development Director of Techmash Group

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High production quality. While developing our products from the outset we focused on the best world models; today the Ermak is justly seen as one of the most popular brands on the Russian market of mobile buildings. Our clients appreciate the high quality of Ermak modular housing – and customers’ gratitude inspires our continuous search for innovative solutions and improvements of our products. Today we offer over 300 designs for modular housing sets. Techmash takes particular pride in specialized caravan-type modules (showers, saunas, canteens, workshops, laundries, restrooms, etc.) of Ermak brand – our clients choose them for their time-proven quality and reliability. After all, this means not only the successful work of the customer, but the well-being of the customer’s personnel.

Convenience, comfort and ergonomics. To a large extent, the quality of life is determined by comfort and convenience of living and working quarters, which is especially important for worksites “isolated from civilization” and for regions with severe climatic conditions. That is why the Techmash Group pays as much attention to comfort of Ermak modules as to the quality and reliability of constructions. Intellectual design and ergonomics of our buildings ensure the most comfortable conditions for work and recreation of our customers’ personnel. High quality design and engineering result in absence of thermal bridges and stable indoor temperature despite of weather conditions.

Ease of transportation. Mobile buildings are designed not just for exploitation in harsh climate, but also for often relocation by various modes of transport, including on cross-country terrain. Ermak modular buildings are perfectly adapted for such transportation due to optimal dimensions, special transportation sockets and robust design based on hot-rolled profiles. Ermak modular buildings are convenient for transportation by any transport and have been designed to sustain high levels of load during such transportation.

All types of modular structures. Techmash Group has experience in construction of “turnkey” caravan-based field camps, modular buildings and metal framework-based constructions. This enables implementation of various camp  projects: short-, medium- and long-term. We provide comfort not only in individual buildings but in the field camp as a whole: the warm inter-building passages, convenient layout of buildings and units, optimal layout of the camp.
Field camps usually include the following elements: the building for staff accommodation, sanitary facilities, canteens, restrooms, laundries, recreation and sports facilities, offices, workshops, labs, garages as well as manufacturing, processing and storage buildings.

Field camp configuration includes all the necessary infrastructure elements. To ensure an independent prime and standby power supply, Techmash Group includes with field camp diesel or gas fuel Ermak-Energia gensets, based on equipment from leading global manufacturers. Potable and process water as well as wastewater treatment are provided by the water and wastewater treatment plants Ermak – Clean Water, specifically designed for independent water supply, and delivered in “stand-by” readiness. Reliable communications and systems integration are also an essential element of contemporary field camp. Our settlements are equipped with modern communication systems and computer networks on demand. The transport infrastructure of the settlement includes external and internal roads, checkpoints, security zones.

A wide range of designs and the option of customized designs and technical solutions. Over the years on the market we have accumulated a large amount of ready-made solutions for both the modular buildings and camps in general. However, our customers can either choose from a range of ready-made solutions or order an individual design. High qualification and experience of our designers and engineers guarantee rapid completion of any complex designs according to forthcoming exploitation terms and taking into account any requirements of the customer. If necessary, the entire project documentation is approved by authorities.

Warranty and service. We provide detailed documentation for setting up the camp and training of designated customers’ professionals. Modular blocks and equipment are under guarantee, service is available. Our own customer service and spare parts warehouse, as well as network of service partners, provide fast-track maintenance and solution for any faults in the supplied equipment. For smooth operation, camps are equipped with mini-warehouse of spare parts.
In an effort to meet the growing market requirements, we continually develop our manufacturing and service, offer our customers new products and services, and work on improvements. Techmash and Techmash-Energo quality management systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. We are working for creation of the best environment for our customers.

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