August 31, 2011
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№ 6 (June 2011)

SF Diamond Co., Ltd. – Serving Oil and Gas Drilling and the PDC Drill Bit Industry

   SF Diamond Co., Ltd. recently celebrated the opening of the first two buildings of their new manufacturing facility with a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony. This is an important part of their strategy to better serve the oil and gas industry by providing premium-quality high performance PDC cutters to the PDC drill bit industry.

By This article was supplied courtesy of SF Diamond CO., Ltd.

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   Construction of these first two buildings in SF Diamond’s new campus began in early 2010. Construction of the next phase in their expansion plans, including component inventory and processing / preparation buildings, is underway.  When completed, the SF Diamond campus will include a total of ten new buildings.

   To better support the PDC drill bit industry, the new facility includes one production line of brand-new HP/HT presses to be dedicated to producing PDC cutters for oil and gas drill bits. These presses are the largest in SFD’s fleet of presses. They will be particularly well-suited for making the high-performance PDC cutters required by the drilling industry.

   Mr. Fang Haijiang, President and Chairman of SF Diamond, stated “SF Diamond is a big believer in the long-term prospects of the oil and gas industry.  We have been serving the industry for many years.  We decided several years ago to increase our participation in this area. These facilities are important parts of our preparations to do so.”

   Along with the new manufacturing plant and equipment, SF Diamond is completing the construction of a state-of-the-art test lab, with testing equipment specifically designed for PDC drill bit cutter development. This test lab is located in their R&D center housed at their existing facility.

   “SF Diamond is setting up a world-class test facility,” said Earl T. Koskie Jr., a consultant for the company and long-term player in the PDC drill bit industry.  
“In order to develop PDC cutters for the drilling industry, you have to have the right test equipment in place,” he continued.  “This gives you the effective feedback needed to guide new product efforts. Realistic, well-designed lab tests are a key part of making sure our new products will meet the needs of our customers in the drill bit industry.”
“With new applications for PDC bits such as horizontal drilling for shale gas, and the ever-expanding share of drilling done using PDC drill bits instead of roller-cone bits, the future for PDC drilling is the best it has ever been,” said Koskie.  “SF Diamond is focused on serving this industry. I am pleased to be associated with them in this effort.”
Besides PDC cutters for the oil and gas drilling industry, SF Diamond Co., Ltd. also manufactures polycrystalline diamond (PCD) machining and wire-die blanks, PDC shear cutters and inserts for mining bits and picks, and PCBN tooling.

   SF Diamond Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shenzhen (China) stock exchange in February 2011 (company code 300179).

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