August 31, 2011
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№ 6 (June 2011)

PromHim-Sfera Proposes Effective Corrosion Monitoring Solutions

   Corrosion is a prime cause for breakdowns and failures of various process equipment and pipelines and is an extremely dangerous condition resulting in heavy spending. Annually companies have to spend huge amounts and bear billion losses due to downtimes.

By This article was supplied courtesy of JSC Promhim-Sfera

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   Considering this fact, Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) developed corrosion monitoring systems designed for safe installation and removal in high pressure systems, shutdown of which is inexpedient and expensive.

   Rohrback Cosasco Systems is a world leader in manufacturing corrosion monitoring equipment. Since 1950, RCS has been producing high-tech equipment applied in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper, and public utilities industries.

   Supplying corrosion monitoring systems that enable measuring an exact rate of corrosion and thus extending service life of equipment, RCS contributes to reduction of costs and prevention of leaks and failures of equipment.

   PKF PromHim-Sfera represents RCS in Russia and has been ensuring continuous delivery of equipment and after-sale support to customers already for more than three years.

   Evgeniya Semykina, General Director of JSC “Promhim-Sfera” has spoken about the company’s achievements in the Russian market.

Has the range of your company’s products in the Russian market expanded as compared with the previous years?

Evgeniya Semykina: Of course, the range has expanded and the priorities have changed. For five years our clients mainly purchased the witness specimens and standard LPR and ER probes, whereas over the last two years everybody has been eager to install the Microcor system. The system provides for real-time data acquisition on corrosion rate which is its key advantage compared with other witness specimens. The system is as precise as a gravimetric one exceeding the latter in speed several times. It should be also noted that it is a standalone system capable to store 32,000 records that is especially convenient for remote places.

Where is Microcor applicable?

Microcor system is designed for use in pipelines with pressure up to 400 Atm at oil gathering lines and high pressure water lines. It was mainly used in oil gathering pipelines. Last year Microcor was tested in high pressure water lines and it is now successfully used at the facilities. The tests have verified that the system is sensitive to any flow change including modification of hydrodynamic parameters, fluid conditions and corrosivity (inhibitors injection, etc.).

What are Microcor’s key advantages to compare with other technologies?
There is a number of advantages among which the data acquisition speed and convenience are the most important. The system enables pilot/industrial testing of corrosion inhibitors under a tight schedule as well as programming of recording on the client’s request, for example, once per every 10 minutes or once per hour. Real-time corrosion rate monitoring enables updating of corrosion injection contributing to pipeline service life and costs reduction. The equipment meets oil companies’ safety requirements.

How do clients’ key requirements to the supplied equipment and services change year to year?

Key requirements are still the same: measuring of corrosion rate in sections affected by corrosion in order to prevent emergencies and to optimize corrosion inhibitor consumption.
Just an example of a quick response to the client’s request. Last year in the course of corrosion monitoring unit installation one of our permanent clients asked, if it was possible to combine a data logger and a data transmitter from a probe to a data logger. This year our company exhibits the innovation at the 5th Workshop on Corrosion Monitoring Equipment to be held within the framework of the Oil and Gas Exhibition.
Lately the growing number of clients have expressed interest in wireless data transmission which gives the opportunity to save costs and time through elimination of inspections of remote points and to receive real-time data for analysis. Pilot projects will be commissioned in the fall of 2011. I suppose the number of projects with wireless data transmission technology will grow from year to year steadily.

Which solution (product) is the most sought-after in the market?

For oilmen the most sought-after products related to corrosion rate measuring are: Microcor and Ultracorr (non-intrusive supersonic tool for wall thickness measuring).
Plenty of requests are received for solids trapping: the so called erosion probes.
For gas producing and gas transportation companies such as Gazprom, hydrogen absorption probes are in the largest demand.

What are the most prominent achievements of the company during the last ten years in the market?

Our reference list is the most indicative of our achievements in the market as well as our cooperation with all large companies such as OJSC NK Rosneft, OJSC TNK-BP, OJSC LUKOIL, OJSC RussNeft, and OJSC Gazpom. The company is involved in various projects from spare parts supply to large engineering contracts. Excellent marketing is our key advantage. In other words, when selecting equipment, we also put forward the best and high quality systems to meet the demands of the most fastidious clients.

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