June 17, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Earth to Mars! Come in Mars! Find Any Shale Gas Up There?

Pat Davis Szymczak

   Is there life on Mars? We’ll know for sure in 2020. That’s because the European Space Agency will be sending a research probe to The Red Planet, equipped...

Main Article

Global LNG Market Tightening As New Supply Lags Rising Demand: Analysts

Increasing demand and a slowing rate of capacity addition has the global liquefied natural gas market on a "tightening path" that will lead to a rise in spot prices, Barclays Capital analysts said in a report Thursday.

Featured Article

Georgia to Sell Armenia Section of Gas Pipeline

The government of Georgia will likely sell to foreign investors a minority stake in the Georgian section of a pipeline supplying Russian natural gas to Armenia, according to a senior official in Tbilisi.

More Top Features

Lufkin CEO Jay Glick Puts Intelligence into Artificial Lift to Conquer Global Markets

John F. “Jay” Glick spent a good part of his oil and gas industry career in the Eastern Hemisphere.  So it seems fitting that now, as President and CEO of East Texas-based Lufkin Industries, Glick finds himself leading the transformation of Lufkin into a global, high-tech artificial-lift solutions provider.

Soviet Petroleum Ministry Prefered Lufkin Beam Pumping Units

Ulfat K. Mukhametzyanov is an expert in artificial-lift services, an oilman with decades of experience in the oilfields of Tatarstan and Western Siberia. In Soviet times, he headed the Tatarstan Oil Engineering Research & Design Institute and was a Departmental Director at the Soviet Oil and Gas Ministry.

Tools for Developing the Russian Arctic Shelf

   In previous articles we covered the necessity and inevitability of developing the Russian Arctic shelf and the state’s role in implementing such a program. Today the talk will be about the hardware required for implementing upstream projects in the Russian Arctic seas.

A New Monsoon – North America’s “Shale Gale” Reaches Asia

   North America’s “Shale Gale” is now blowing into China, India and Indonesia as Asian producers turn to unconventional gas resources including tight sand, coal bed methane (CBM) and shale gas.

Case Study. TOC Estimation Methodology in Accessing Shale Potential in India’s Cambay Basin

   Sprawling across the western part of India, the Cambay basin is one of the most petroliferous basins in India. After the discovery of oil in the landmark well Lunej-1, the basin has consistently added to the hydrocarbon supply of the country.

Fuel-Energy Sites to Obtain “Security Passports”

   As energy facilities in Russia remain the most vital part of the country’s economy, Russia will soon have one single law covering all of the expects of energy security and criminalizing neglect within the industry to take security precautions.

Gas Industry in Russia: International Standing, Organizational and Regional Structure

   The gas industry is one of the largest elements of the Russian economy and the global energy supply network. Russia ranks first in the world in natural gas production, reserves and resources, providing over 21 percent of global production levels (Table 1, Fig. 1) and about 25 percent of all international shipments.

PromHim-Sfera Proposes Effective Corrosion Monitoring Solutions

   Corrosion is a prime cause for breakdowns and failures of various process equipment and pipelines and is an extremely dangerous condition resulting in heavy spending. Annually companies have to spend huge amounts and bear billion losses due to downtimes.

Funing Hongda Petrochemical Machinery Co. Presents Innovative Technical Equipment for Russian Oil&Gas Sector

   Funing Hongda Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd, was founded in1979, with 30 years experience in researching, developping and producing downhole tools. We are committed to providing customers with the best downhole operation services using economic and efficient means.

SF Diamond Co., Ltd. – Serving Oil and Gas Drilling and the PDC Drill Bit Industry

   SF Diamond Co., Ltd. recently celebrated the opening of the first two buildings of their new manufacturing facility with a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony. This is an important part of their strategy to better serve the oil and gas industry by providing premium-quality high performance PDC cutters to the PDC drill bit industry.

Straight to the Point. Precision matters, that’s why more and more drilling contractors are interested in dispelling the myths between North seeking Gyroscopes and MEMS survey instruments

   With millions of dollars on the line, even the smallest mistake can cost precious time and money. In the drilling industry mistakes cost more than money; they can result in significant damage to a company’s reputation or the environment.

Rock Flow Dynamics – a Technological Breakthrough in Reservoir Modeling

   Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD), developers of advanced software solutions for reservoir simulation, has been on the market for a bit over five years. Over this period the company managed to create a product that caught attention of many oil&gas companies both in Russia and abroad.

7 Advantages of TECHMASH Field Camps

   A modern-day field camp is a complex piece of engineering and the best choice for organizing work in remote locations, particularly where harsh climate impedes construction work, or even makes it impossible. Production of camps is a core competence of the Techmash Group which has been working in the market of modular building for 10 years.

Honeywell: Advanced Solutions Territory

   OGE readers will sure remember a case two years ago when a U.S. Airways airliner collided with a flock of geese while taking off in a New York airport. The pilot did manage to land the aircraft on the Hudson River. But not many know that the successful landing was largely based on the innovative solutions of Honeywell, which operates on the Russian market for over 30 years.

Computerized System for Heat Treatment of Viscous Oil Deposits

   Steam injection or heat treatment is the effective technology for enhanced oil recovery at the deposits with heavy hydrocarbons. Pressure recovery, viscosity reduction and better flow parameters ensure oil production rate at up to 50-80 percent. The key performance booster is the speed of the heat treatment; it provides for seamless regulation of the optimal ratio between water cut and oil production rate.

MIOGE 2011 Opens with Renewed Foreign Interest in Russian Oil and Gas

Industry professionals from around the world came to Russia's biggest annual oil and gas exhibition and conference today as MIOGE 2011 opened its doors for a four day showcase event.

MIOGE 2011 - Developing Oil vs Hydrocarbon Reserves - State-Managed E&P Technologies

Russia's huge hydrocarbon resources often prove difficult for the country to exploit given the lack of innovative development of the nation's economy. Speaking at the Enerkon conference during MIOGE 2011, Russian Oil and Gas Industrialists Union President Gennadiy Shmal called for a more constructive position: "We need to stop talking about the raw materials addiction and the curse of oil or the oil cushion and get on our knees before our forebears who secured this rich inheritance for us".

MIOGE 2011: Modern Fuel and Energy

Modernization - Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev's favourite word - was the main symbol of this week's MIOGE 2011 oil and gas exhibit and the 9th Russian Petroleum Congress. Combined, the two events at the Moscow Exhibition Center brought together over 360 companies from 100 countries.

US-Saudi-IEA Cooperate to Set Best Oil Price

IEA action hit oil. The main event in the oil market last week was the surprise announcement from the International Energy Agency that member countries would release 60 million barrels from strategic reserves in order to alleviate supply concerns. The net result was a sharp reversal of the oil price with one-month Brent closing Friday at $105.12 p/bbl and WTI ending at $91.16 p/bbl.

TNK-BP To Invest $1.8 Billion In Ukraine Shale Gas

TNK-BP has plans to invest $1.8 billion in unconventional gas projects in Ukraine over the next six to seven years, the company's vice president for gas and power supply Mikhail Slobodin said. Investing $1.8 billion into six Ukrainian shale deposits by 2017 or 2018 will allow TNK-BP to produce up to 3 billion cubic meters of gas a year, with initial production lower than that, Slobodin told Dow Jones Newswires.

Putin: Russian Oil Companies to Invest 8.6 Trillion Roubles in Developing The Fuel and Energy Complex by 2020

Russian oil companies will invest about 8.6 trillion roubles into the country's fuel and energy sector by 2020, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said during a United Russia interregional conference in Yekaterinburg.

Ukraine Announces Tender For Construction of LNG Terminal

Ukraine has announced a tender to build an LNG terminal to receive liquified natural gas, the chair of the Ukrainian State Projects Investment and Management Agency Vladislva Kaskinv said, according to UkrInform.

Russian Parliament Approves Zero-Rate Subsoil Tax For Select Fields

The Russian legislature, or Duma, passed amendments to the law subsoil mineral taxes in the third reading which will will zero-rate the tax on operations on several oil and gas fields meeting certain requirements. The amendments are being made to Article 342, Part II of the Russian Tax Code.

Drilling Continues on Test Well at Lebedinskaya

Drilling is continuing at the Lebedinskaya section of the north-east Sakhalin shelf, RN-SakhalinNIPImorneft General Director Yuriy Shchukin said. Shchukin added that 50 per cent of the planned depth had been drilled so far.

Export Window To Open Soon? EnBW Deal Could Give NOVATEK Access to EU Markets

Access to EU markets possible soon. Germany’s press reported this week that the country’s third-largest electricity generator EnBW is in talks with NOVATEK (NVTK LI – Hold) over a strategic alliance that could allow NOVATEK to sell natural gas to the EU.

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