April 4, 2012
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Editor's Letter

OTC – Houston Invites the Oil and Gas World to Party: Russia says “Nyet”

Pat Davis Szymczak

   Every year I go to the OTC in Houston during May holidays. And every year I end up writing an editorial about how disappointed I am...

Main Article

Nabucco Legal Framework Finalised – Project Support Agreement Signed By Each Transit Country

The legal framework for the Nabucco Pipeline has been finalised today with the signing - in Kayseri, Turkey - of the Project Support Agreements (PSAs) between NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH and the responsible ministries of the five transit countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey).

Featured Article

ION to Better Quantify Poland’s Shales

ION Geophysical will begin a seismic acquisition program in Poland this autumn to provide a detailed subsurface view of the country’s hydrocarbon potential. Of particular interest is the investigation of Poland’s shale reserves – the largest in Europe.

More Top Features

Russia’s Oil Production and Global Developments

   In 2010–2011 global economy continued its recovery from the crisis of 2008–2009, contributing to rising energy demand, particularly demand for oil. In 2010 global production reached some 3.843 billion tons, up 2.4 percent on 2009 levels.

A Practical, Proven Path to Green Energy

   The marketplace for renewable fuels has received significant attention in recent years, with increased focus on technologies that provide fuel flexibility and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat Exchanger Retrofits Boost Profits in Catalytic Processes

   The profitability of refinery catalytic conversion units is maximised by removing throughput constraints and minimising energy consumption. Increasing the production capacity allows the exploitation of high margin opportunities.

Development of the Russian Shelf: The State and Oil Companies, Unite Your Efforts!

   In previous article we covered the necessity and inevitability of developing the Russian Arctic shelf. Now let us take a look at what practical steps the state and the oil companies need to make for the implementation of this truly national-scale project.

Successful Multibranching at the Srednemakarikhinskoye Field

   The Timan-Pechora province is one of Russia’s major oil and gas regions with a developed upstream industry. Experts  say that in the coming years, this region could become one of the most promising oil provinces in Russia (after Western Siberia and the Caspian).

Geosteering Streamlines Exploration and Drilling

Oil&Gas Eurasia: What role does geosteering play in E&P? Can it boost technical and economic performance in the field?
Orlando Ramirez: Over the recent years, the existing structure of global oil&gas industry has increasingly come to rely on cutting-edge technologies in geophysics and exploration.

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