April 30, 2011
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№ 3 (March 2011)

Ukraine Makes Shale Gas Discovery in Eastern Regions

Ukraine's Ukrgazdobycha has discovered several potential plays of shale gas in the Dnipropetrovsk-Donetsk basin, the newspaper Delo has reported, citing the head of the company's exploration department, Mikhail Machuzhak.


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Earlier, it was supposed that shale plays would only be discovered in the western part of the country, in the Transcarpathian region. All non-traditional gas in other regions was expected to be coal methane gas, and deep-laying gas.

Now, according to Machuzhak's data, Ukrgazdobycha has identified 11 prospective fields in Western Ukraine and another seven in the Dnipropetrovsk-Donetsk basin; that is, in Poltava and Kharkiv regions where traditional gas is currently being produced.

"The reserves in just the Rudenkovskoye, Bakhmutskoye and Kalmius-Torestkoye sections of the Dnipropetrovsk-Donetsk basin could end up being evaluated at 3 to 5 billion cubic meters of gas", Machuzhak said.
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