November 15, 2010
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№ 10 (October 2010)

SPE ROG Ends, Arctic Launched for 2011

The Russia Oil&Gas Technical Exploration and Production Conference & Exhibition closed Thursday with show organizers reporting a record attendance of over 4,000 conference delegates and visitors.

By Pat Davis Szymczak

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The three-day event, which occurs every two years in Moscow, drew a high level audience of oil and gas engineers from across Russia’s oil bearing regions and from abroad. Presentations focused on cutting edge technologies and new trends in the business, including unconventional resource development and R&D.

"We were very pleased with the show and favorable comments from our exhibitors this year", Vasyl Zhygalo, REED Exhibitions Event Director, told OGE, "We were especially happy with this year's record turnout of delegates. We have received very good feedback from our visitors and are well positioned to launch our conference on the Arctic in 2011 and move forward with our RO&G event in 2012."

"Feedback from our SPE members tells me that the quality and depth of the presentations was well-received", Claudia Rodionova General Manager, Russia Society of Petroleum Engineers told OGE, "SPE was very satisfied with the event and we look forward to the launch of the SPE Arctic & Extreme Environments International 2011 in October next year".

Show and conference organizers, SPE and Reed Exhibitions, announced the launch of yet another unique technology oriented event next year in Moscow, this time a focus on Arctic technologies. Moscow will be the venue for the SPE Arctic & Extreme Environments International Technical Conference & Exhibition October 18-20.

The event is expected to draw delegations from Norway and other countries that share coastlines along the Arctic Ocean to the Russian capital.

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