October 23, 2012
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№ 10 (October 2010)

Gubkin Offshore Drilling Chair Proposes Russia Export Helium

Russia could become the global leader in industrial use of helium-processing products, but it currently lags far behind its major competitors, President of Russia's Academy of Technological Sciences and chair of the Offshore Drilling Dept. at Gubkin Oil & Gas University Boris Nikitin said speaking today at the plenary session of the RO&G SPE 2010 conference in Moscow.

By Bojan Šoć

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"In the Irkutsk Region we are forced to put on hold the launch of production at helium-rich gas fields. We studied this issue at the Academy and came up with a proposal which essentially calls for quick construction of helium-processing plants," explained the scientist.
According to Nikitin, Russia today is significantly behind developed countries in terms of helium reserves development.

"The United States consumes 100 million cubic meters of helium per year, while Russia's demand is only about 5 million cubic meters. What kind of development of aeronautics and nuclear power stations are we talking about if we have such shortage of helium, though we could be the world's leader in this area?!" asks the scientist.

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