July 12, 2011
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№ 10 (October 2010)

Revived 305! Advanced Capabilities for Flow Metering in Reservoir Pressure Maintenance Systems

   Metran Industrial Group launched Metran-305PR flow meter at the end of 2005. The flow meter quickly proved to be a precise and reliable device, and now it is widely regarded as one of the best flow meters for reservoir pressure maintenance systems (RPMS).

By Yevgenia Komelkova, Flow Product Manager, Metran Industrial Group

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   To continue redesigning Metran-305PR , the electronic module of the device was upgraded using advanced digital communications technologies in 2010. Our customers are able now to evaluate all the advantages of flow meters’ digital outputs (HART, Modbus RTU) and self-diagnostic features. The upgraded device reduces maintenance costs and provides a more accurate and long-term control based on continuous monitoring of process parameters.

   The meter was upgraded by Metran Engineering Center. In doing so, our engineers were well aware that for making any changes and improvements the basic rule was to preserve the existing advantages. Besides, over the time it has been in operation, we have accumulated a great number of our customers’ wishes and studied the application requirements. This helped redesign the device to make it easier and cheaper for operation.

The main advantages (Fig. 1):
High metrological stability,
Operating reliability,
Flow tube self-purging, and
Low ownership cost.

   Metran-305PR flow meters are used in valve manifolds designed for distributing and measuring the flow and pressure of water pumped into the injection wells of reservoir pressure maintenance systems and modular cluster pump stations. There is a variety of sources for injecting the water into a bed: open reservoirs, groundwater (infrabed water), oilfield aquifers, runoff water consisting of oilfield water mixed with extracted oil, water from precipitation tank farms and oil treatment plants, storm sewage of oilfield facilities.

   The quality of the water injected into beds varies depending on the injection source. The most questionable diversion facilities are open reservoirs, which are so much contaminated with silt and slurry in flood and stormy time that treatment facilities fail to cope with the load. Oil-contaminated sewage water also requires special treatment.

   The reservoir water flowing through the metering units is a mineralized fluid containing salt. It causes corrosion of pipes and contains solid particles resulting in deterioration of pipes and equipment. This is why it is critical for the devices which are in contact with the measured fluid to have no moving or wearing parts that can get broken or blocked as a result of operating in contaminated water. Metran-305PR vortex acoustic flow meters meet the requirements for use with reservoir pressure maintenance systems and water metering units. In addition, the flow tube have self-purging feature provided by generation of vortex behind the shedding bar, which along with the design solution minimizes build-ups, thus making the tube clean throughout the entire calibration interval.

   The enhanced Metran-305PR flow meter combines advantages of both HART and Modbus RTU digital and analog outputs. Digital output signals help read the parameters of:
–Process: instant flow rate, accumulated volume, total operating time, analog output value, range percentage, vortex formation frequency, measured fluid temperature, signal pulse scale value, signal pulse width, and damping time;
Flow meter: meter’s serial number, measurement limits, nominal diameter, range limits, abnormal situations, meter’s network address,  as well as configure the device outputs:
Pulse signal (pulse scale value and duration), analog signal (range limits), and damping.

   Abnormal situations that may arise during device operation can be controlled by digital output signals, apart from the 3-line liquid-crystal indicator. Abnormal situations include:
Lack of flow rate,
Random vortex formation in the flow tube,
Air in the flow tube,
Lack of water in the flow tube or the water level is less than half the flow tube diameter.

   The new features of Metran-305PR flow meter ensure its active use in the automated valve manifolds and modular cluster pump stations, where the parameters can be controlled in the local, automated or remote mode. The automated equipment collects, processes, stores and transmits the process information to the upper level, providing an on-line representation of the process. With Metran-305PR flow meter that controls abnormal situations, the emergency response time has decreased, and the diagnostic check of the device is now possible without calling a technician to the place of its installation.
The enhanced Metran-305PR flow meter with digital output signals opens new prospects for controlling the process in reservoir pressure maintenance systems and monitoring the status of devices. The operation of precise, reliable and metrologically stable devices will allow you to provide quick acquisition of accurate data on the status and efficient control of the process. Metran-305PR vortex acoustic flow meter perfectly meets these requirements. The growing demand for Metran-305PR flow meters from both major oil producers and OEMs confirms the device’s advantages. Join us!

   Further information on the meter is available in catalogs (website www.metran.ru, Catalogs section). You can get technical consultation from the Customer Support Center (tel. +7 351 247 16 02, 247 1 555) and place an order with any regional Sales Office of the company (please find the contacts at www.metran.ru, Contacts section). We also invite you to visit the Automation School established by Metran Industrial Group, where you will get to know all company’s measurement instruments within three days. This free course also includes working with operational equipment and a plant trip.

Please find out the dates for coming Courses at www.metran.ru, Training section.

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