October 3, 2010
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№9 September   2010

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№ 9 (September 2010)

Siemens To Assist Gazprom With LNG Technologies

Siemens AG (NYSE:SI) is planning to enlarge its presence in Russia by setting up the Russian Turbo Machinery joint venture to manufacture compressors in Perm. "The first compressor is to be built in 2011 and the first order is expected in October", Siemens Energy Sales Department Director in Russia Sergey Kuzmin told journalists during a news conference. The project envisions an investment of 60 million euros to build new, greenfield production facility and production capacity increases over the next three years.

By Elena Zhuk

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Siemens also inked a Memorandum of Co-operation in the liquified natural gas with Gazprom and several agreements on joint projects with the Russian monopoly. Specifically, an LNG production unit is to be built to conduct tests as part of the effort to develop the Shtokman gas condensate field.
"Plans call for jointly developing the technology as part of a pilot facility which is to be built near Moscow", Siemens AG Vice-President for Russia and Central Asia Dietrich Meller told OGE.
Meller said that he meant LNG coming from the Shtokman field added the work in this regard was still in the stages of a pilot project. "Gazprom and Siemens, along with other companies, are developing their own technologies for liquified gas in order to become independent players on global markets. Apart from building the pilot unit, preliminary agreements with Gazprom include the prospect of studying the possibility of manufacturing Siemens AG compressors and electric equipment at Russian plants with the goal of increasing the share of industrial equipment made in Russia", he said.
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