September 22, 2010
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№9 September   2010

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Home / Issue Archive / 2010 / September #9 / Why Rosneft VP & RO&G Exec Comm Chair, Mikhail Stavsky, Thinks SPE RO&G 2010 is One Event You Don’t Want to Miss

№ 9 (September 2010)

Why Rosneft VP & RO&G Exec Comm Chair, Mikhail Stavsky, Thinks SPE RO&G 2010 is One Event You Don’t Want to Miss

   Whether the topic is mature field development, integrated approaches to reservoir engineering, “smart field” technology or the Arctic offshore, optimal solutions to complex problems emerge when specialists share ideas and best practices.

By Materials Courtesy of SPE ROG 2010

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   This has long been the ethos of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), an international group whose fastest growing chapters are today found in Russia.

   This October 26-28 will see the return to Moscow of the SPE Technical Oil&Gas Conference and Exhibition. Launched in 2006, this every two-year event focuses on the latest science and applied technologies in exploration and production, and offers specialists from Russia and abroad the opportunity to share best practices and opinions.

   Oil&Gas Eurasia is proud to have been selected for the third time running as the Official Publication, Show Daily and Catalogue publisher of this prestigeous SPE event. And as the countdown to RO&G 2010 continues, OGE is pleased this month to present the following interview with Mikhail Stavsky, Vice President of Rosneft and Chairman of the Executive Committee of SPE Russian Oil and Gas 2010 Conference and Exhibition. A respected and high ranking figure in Russian Oil&Gas, Stavsky explains why he thinks the SPE Technical Oil&Gas Conference is an event no oilman should miss.
(OGE Editor)

OGE: What are the reasons for selecting the following topiс for the SPE Russian Oil and Gas 2010 Conference and Exhibition: “Best practices and innovations for mature and frontier developments”?
Stavsky: It is no coincidence that this topic for SPE RO&G 2010 has been chosen. For a long time the Russian oil and gas industry has been using the accumulated servicing and operating experience, technologies and knowledge of western companies. But at present, Russian companies also have high level experts in many areas. We would like at this SPE Conference to introduce worldwide knowledge to Russia and to share our experience with the western partners. It will be a very good exchange of opinion and experience.

OGE: What is the difference between the SPE Conference and similar events held in the industry?
Stavsky: One could give an extensive answer to this question. In the first place, the SPE Conference and Exhibition is not just a meeting of specialists; it is interesting, first of all, to the specialists themselves. All oilfields are in their own way unique, each of them demands an exclusive approach. To us – the oilmen – it is always interesting to discuss the different practices: we borrow what we would like to cultivate in our industries and – vice versa – share our experience with the western colleagues. The SPE Conference is a meeting of specialists of world level exchanging opinions on all issues which have come to a head nowadays. If before on the agenda were the issues of increasing the levels of production and those of supply stocks, at present became the issues of intellectual completion of wells, integrated projects and creation of multidisciplinary teams. We are also interested in the mechanisms of forming-up businesses and other appropriate links. This topic is boundless in the oil industry.
Secondly, the SPE Conference is not just a meeting and statement of facts. It is an action plan for the future. Maximum number of issues, to be considered at this Conference, will be reflected in the near future in the plans of measures to be taken by the companies.
From all points of view the SPE Conference is always a step forward.

OGE: The Conference and Exhibition SPE Russian Oil and Gas 2010 is to call attention to the huge potential of Russia. How important is the involvement of the country and companies into the process of exchange of technologies, knowledge and experience?
Stavsky: It is not necessary to invent the bicycle several times when there are already good solutions. The oil and gas industry is so structured that each company has its own breakthrough technologies. The exchange of experience allows avoiding mistakes by way of reconsidering the known problems and making new experiments. This applies to everything: from the tasks of decreasing the production costs to increasing the level of interaction between specialists of different companies – both servicing and extracting.

OGE: Development of the Russian shelf attracts ever more attention including that from the international companies. What are the primary goals in connection with investigation and further development of the Russian shelf in Arctic regions and possible solutions? What popular technologies for shelf development are to be discussed at the SPE Russian Oil and Gas 2010?
Stavsky: Development of the shelf and Arctic petroleum fields is a serious challenge for all companies. For successful shelf operations one would require a large intellectual segment. The shelf operations call for engaging, and in some cases, creation of special technologies. First of all, it is a question of technologies which will allow increasing the operating time on shelf, above all, on the Arctic one where the ice-free period is only three months. This includes creation of platforms which can work in the icy conditions of the Arctic regions, construction of ice class tankers, building of the subsurface structures for safe operation of wells as well as of underground facilities for treatment and pumping of oil. They are to be created in the near future. All this is necessary for transferring – as soon as possible – the forecast resources for a particular shelf, including the Arctic one, into the real production resources. All these issues and technologies are to be discussed at the SPE Conference and Exhibition in Moscow. And many of these issues will be presented in the SPE Conference reports of companies which have extensive experience of work on the shelf including that of the Northern seas.

OGE: What technologies out of those discussed at the SPE Conference are likely to bring the greatest benefit and will enable the Russian oilfields to maximize their potential?
Stavsky: We, the oilmen, being responsible for the subsurface resources entrusted to us, should use them rationally. Therefore, at the SPE 2010 Conference  we are to discuss a great number of questions relating to the development of mature fields. These issues are connected, first of all, with the programs of upgrading, ensuring safe operation, increasing the oil recovery efficiency, reducing operation expenses at mature fields, especially at late stages, long after the peak of production, when the profit and revenue from these fields have been received. The SPE Conference will answer all the questions relating to development of mature fields, our attention will focus on the so-called integrated approach to reservoir engineering.

OGE: What have the exploitation of large fields in different countries got in common? Whose experience is important for Russia and which one is to be discussed at the Conference?
Stavsky: At present, the basic methodology for development of large fields, regardless of their geological peculiarities, is the integrated approach and creation of multi-disciplinary teams. As an example, one can cite the commissioning by Rosneft of the Vankor field in 2009. It is a large scientific program which has proved that the teamwork of different specialists ensures a good beginning for a large-scale project. But in the world there are many similar successful examples of work when the specific features and nuances were tested ensuring success in finding solutions to analogous tasks. Such experience is to be discussed at the SPE Conference.

OGE: What advice would you give to those who did not attend the SPE Conferences? Why is this event remarkable?
Stavsky: First, the SPE Russian Oil and Gas 2010 is a unique scientific and technical event for which in Russia there are no analogues. Innovative scientific and practical experience is presented at the SPE Conference. The SPE Conference has been incorporated with an exhibition format allowing not only to learn about new developments and equipment but, also, to see them with one’s own eyes. And secondly, the SPE Russian Oil and Gas for several years running has been a site for the exchange of opinion and experience, for the building up of constructive interrelations between oilmen of the entire world. The event opens up access to the advanced knowledge of 100,000 engineers employed by the industry’s best companies from all oil producing countries. The exchange of such experience and knowledge is invaluable. And the fact that the technical SPE Conference is held in Russia already for the third time proves that we’re moving in the right direction. It is the direction which is necessary for the industry as well as for the economy of the entire world.

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