April 10, 2011
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Editor's Letter

What Russians in Russia Can Learn by Quizzing Russians in Silicon Valley

Pat Davis Szymczak

   Wow! RPGC and NEFTEGAZ 2010 are over. This year, Oil&Gas Eurasia celebrated its 10-year anniversary in Russia. We sponsored the Gala...

Main Article

Grim Price Outlook Unwelcome News For Natural Gas Industry

A U.S. natural gas rig count that refuses to die and roaring supply inventories paint a bleak picture for prices into 2012, according to a Calgary-based investment brokerage.
FirstEnergy Capital Corp. slashed its 2011 natural gas price forecast by a dollar Monday, telling investors to jump the North American ship in favour of opportunities overseas.

Featured Article

Putin Hails Beijing Ties as Oil Pipeline Links Russia and China

Russia on Sunday officially launched the Russian section of an oil pipeline that delivers east Siberian oil to China. At the opening ceremony of the branch of Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline that held in Skovorodino in the far eastern Amur region, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin hailed the pipeline as a multidimensional project to enhance Moscow-Beijing energy cooperation.

More Top Features

Norway’s Aker Solutions Eyes Rig Making Contracts in Russia

   Aker Solutions is big in Azerbaijan’s offshore operations in the Caspian, but when it comes to the former Soviet Union there is a far bigger market that the Scandinavian drilling equipment producer craves to become part of Moscow’s recent NEFTEGAZ 2010 show didn’t feature many Norwegian businesses, but one company that definitely did catch the eye was Aker Solutions.

DNV Energy Russia Boss Morten Solnørdal – “Our Nations Have a High Affinity for Each Other”

   A leading international provider of risk-managing services, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) operates today in more than 100 countries, including Russia. Last year, DNV’s global operations brought in revenue of nearly 10.3 billion of Norwegian Kroner ($1.6 billion), marking a 54-percent growth over 2005.

Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz Responds to the “Call of the Sea”

   Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz is one of the largest Gazprom affiliates exploring and developing fields outside of Russia. In the 12 years since it was founded, the company has accumulated vast experience in both onshore and, to a great extent, offshore projects.

Et Tu Brute? Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan Offer Cheap Gas to EU’s Nabucco As Bulgaria Hints of South Stream Defection

   It seems that the Gazprom’s South Stream pipeline to Europe project has been stabbed in the back.  Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan – potential gas suppliers to the competing Nabucco pipeline – have taken steps that could lead to Nabucco getting a lower-priced resource base.

    Furthermore, Bulgaria, a South Stream project participant, is apparently more interested in the Nabucco pipeline. Still, Gazprom has not given up hope and is actively promoting its project in the Black Sea.

INTSOK Chief in Russia, Vladimir Ryashin – “Norway’s Offshore Is Open to All”

   For the past 40 years, Russian-Norwegian relations have been colored by the discovery of rich hydrocarbon fields in Arctic waters. Negotiations over the wealth of oil and gas in the Barents Sea finally bore fruit on April 26 this year when an historic agreement delimiting the maritime border was signed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Advanced Offshore Technologies Are Recognized at OTC in Houston

   The Offshore Technology Conference OTC’s “Spotlight on New Technology Awards”:program, now in its 7th year, highlighted 13 innovative technologies this year in Houston. Here, OGE presents the winners in this special Eurasia Offshore issue

ROSING Tech Forum Focuses on New Enhanced Recovery Technology for Brown Fields

   Specialists agree that Russia will only be able to maintain its present-day position in the global oil market if it finds and implements efficient solutions to enhance oil recovery.

Why Rosneft Science Boss, Mars Khasanov, Supports SPE ROG 2010

   As the SPE gears up for its 2010 conference, industry specialists are focusing on opening new frontiers in innovation, especially in the Arctic and East Siberia. As traditional fields in Russia mature, Russia must grapple with the problem of developing new off-shore fields in the Arctic where the country should apply foreign experience.

Turn-Key Living Quarters from Techmash

   Productivity at work depends directly on the conditions in which the work takes place. This is especially true when speaking of on-site living quarters. Such sites must meet a range of specifications; they must be comfortable, reliable in use and include modern utilities infrastructure.

Safety Assurance for Oil and Gas Facility Operation When Using Explosion-Resistant Control Instruments

   Teplopribor Chelyabinsk Plant designs and manufactures control equipment for various industries. We have almost 60 years of experience working on the control instrument market. Today we would like to talk about production safety. This issue often hinders innovations in developing equipment, but it is of paramount importance for society.

Thermtech Revolutionizes Mud Cuttings Treatment

Bergen-based Thermtech has revolutionized the treatment of drilling waste by introducing the thermomechanical cuttings cleaner (TCC). Thermtech’s sales director Rocco Valentinetti was on the company’s team at the recent NEFTEGAZ 2010 show, presenting the new technology to a wide Russian audience.

OGE Fetes 1st Decade as Global Oil Biz Meets in Moscow

Oil&Gas Eurasia celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Russia against the backdrop of Neftegaz 2010 Russian Petroleum & Gas Congress (RPGC). Neftegaz attracted 1,000 exhibitors and more than 25,000 visitors from 36 countries. About 700 delegates attended RPGC. Oil&Gas Eurasia was a Gold Sponsor and hosted the RPGC Gala Dinner at Lotte Plaza Hotel off New Arbat. The gala event was a memorable one, with good food, dancing, entertainment and gifts.

Russia's "Resource Curse": How High Oil Prices Are Stunting Reforms

Can Russia escape the "resource curse” implied by high oil prices, or will it succumb to what we call a "70-80” scenario? That is the question confronting Russians today, and we fear that their fate will be the latter: if oil prices remain at $70-80 per barrel, Russia is likely to relive key features of the Brezhnev era of the 1970s and 1980s ― with a stagnating economy and 70-80 percent approval ratings for its political leaders.

SPE Student Chapter of the Month for August – Tyumen State Oil and Gas University

The SPE Student Chapter at Tyumen State University has been named “Chapter of the Month” for August. The Tyumen University student SPE chapter recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with a special event.

Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Reaches Russian Coast

On August 4, the second line of the Nord Stream gas pipeline reached at Russian coast at Portovaya bay near Vyborg. Like the first line which reached Russian land on May 28, the second was laid along the shore by the Castoro Sei pipe-laying vessel which anchored about a kilometer off shore.

Halliburton Delivers First Shale Fracturing Operation in Poland

Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) recently performed the first-ever, shale hydraulic fracturing operation in Poland for PGNiG, the state-owned Polish oil and gas company.  PGNiG contracted Halliburton to fracture the Markowola-1 exploratory well near Kozienice, Lublin province, to determine if the site contained commercial gas deposits. Increasing demand for natural gas in Poland has companies searching for domestic sources of unconventional gas deposits.

Shell Seeks To Ease Ukrainian Shale Gas Legislation To Promote Production

Shell will ask the Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Ministry to change legislation regarding shale gas production, Kommersant Ukrayina reports. During a roundtable entitled "The Prospects for Shale Gas Development in Ukraine" held in Kiev on August 12, Aleksey Tatarenko, Shell's liaison with government officials in Ukraine, stated Shell intended to invest in the segment if bigger areas are offered for production and license periods are lengthened and tax breaks introduced.

East Siberian Crude: Closer To California Refineries

Russia crude delivered from the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline (ESPO) is in demand not only on the Asia market, but in North America as well. It has even acquired its own mark - ESPO Blend. Probably the main advantage the new sort of crude has is its relatively low sulphur content of 0.53 per cent and its API density of 34.7 degrees.

Azerbaijan Offers $500 Million for Georgia-Armenia Gas Pipeline

Azerbaijan is ready to offer Georgia $500 million for a key oil and gas pipeline carrying Russian energy to Armenia through Georgia, Vugar Bayramov, the President of the Azerbaijani Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) said on Tuesday, AzeriReport.com reported.

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