August 9, 2010
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№7 July - August   2010

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Home / Issue Archive / 2010 / June #6 / Belarus Diversifies Crude Deliveries From Venezuela

№ 6 (June 2010)

Belarus Diversifies Crude Deliveries From Venezuela

Belarus and Ukraine have inked an intergovernmental agreement to develop cooperation in shipping crude across Ukraine to Belarus, reports. The document was signed as a Belarussian delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko to Ukraine, the Belarussian Foreign Ministry reported.
During the visit Semashko met First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Andrey Klyuyev with whom he discussed bilateral trade and economic cooperation, according to BelTA.


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Negotiations centered on shipping crude across Ukraine and supplying Belarussian oil products to Ukraine.
This agreement is expected to increase the volume of crude shipped across Ukraine by pipeline and rail.
Meanwhile, a fifth tanker filled with Santa-Barbara crude destined for Belarus from Venezuela will arrive in Estonia from where it will be moved by rail in the second half of July to Belarus, Belarussian Railways reported in a news release.
"According to information at Belarussian Oil Company and the Estonian port of Muuga, the next shipment of Venezuelan crude, a volume of 80,000 tons, will be delivered to Belarus through Estonia in the last part of July", Belarussian Railways reported.
Shipping the crude by rail through Estonia will be quicker than shipping it through Ukraine, since this crude will be delivered for refining to the Naftan refinery in the north of Belarus.
"While the distance from the Odessa port to Mozyr (a refinery in southern Belarus) is 1,051 kilometers, the distance from Muuga to Naftan is 850 kilometers", a representative of Belarussian Railways said.
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