August 9, 2010
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№7 July - August   2010

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№ 6 (June 2010)

Neftegaz Exhibit 2010 Opens, Breaks Exhibitor Attendance Records

The 13th annual Neftegaz oil and gas industry exhibition kicked off today, June 21, with over 1,000 exhibitors in attendance representing 36 countries. The event officially opened at 12:00 at the Expocenter in downtown Moscow. Among those welcoming guests was Yuriy Lipatov, the chair of the Russian Duma energy committee member. Lipatov noted Russia must improve the level of its design engineering in order to avoid huge catastrophes such as the huge spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

By Alexandr Halayko

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Gennadiy Shmal, President, Union of Oil & Gas Industrialists of Russia, noted that the exhibit is traditionally accompanied by good weather and hinted that this meant powers on high looked with approval on the efforts being made to host the event. He said that this year's Neftegaz event has broken all previous records in terms of firms exhibiting at the exhibit. he said it was important for those in the industry to gather to "take note of what has been accomplished in the past year" and added that oil and gas executives and managers should also exert effort to improve on 2009 results. Specifically, he cited the gas production sector, noting Russian gas production lost 80 billion cubic meters of gas  last year. "This shows that not all problems related to effective production have been solved", he said.
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