April 15, 2010
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Home / Issue Archive / 2010 / March #3 / Yamal – the Science Frontier

№ 3 (March 2010)

Yamal – the Science Frontier

   Gazprom VNIIGAZ is the project developer for Gazprom’s “Program for the Full-Scale Development of the Yamal Shelf and Peninsula” which is meant to reduce the negative effects of the project on the traditional lifestyle of indigenous peoples and the environment on the peninsula.

By This article was provided courtesy of Gazprom VNIIGAZ

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   Scientific support for this Yamal-based mega project is one of VNIIGAZ’ key tasks. To accomplish its goals, the organization is applying an entire range of modern research methods – from studying satellite imagery to conducting field tests.

   The institute's multi-pronged Yamal 2009 environmental and technologic expedition united scientists from Russia’s leading scientific centers (Moscow State University, the State Hydrologic Institute, the Institute of Ecology of Flora and Fauna at the Urals branch of Russian Academy of Science, and the State Oceanographic Institute).

   The expedition conducted complete geophysical research on the Bovanenkovskoye oil and gas condensate field and the gas pipeline system junction from Bovanenkovo – Ukhta via Baidaratskaya Bay.

   The expedition evaluated the intensity of the environmental impact of the Bovanenkovskoye field infrastructure development project, the state of transformed and disturbed soils and ran tests on biological technologies for fighting oil contamination in the Yamal environment. The team listed possible environmental and industry-related risks linked to the highly weather-dependent environment of the region.

   The Innovative Projects Competition announced by the Yamal Nenets Autonomous District government awarded first and second places to VNIIGAZ scientists for “A hydrotechnical approach to controlling river flow during extreme seasonal floods on Yamal Peninsula” and “A prospective outline of waste utilization in developing Yamal Peninsula fields.”

   Another significant development within the Yamal mega project is the SIS-Yamal tailored information system with embedded dynamic classification of maps. The system includes data on the environmental state of the Bovanenkovskoye field and the gas pipeline system junction from Baidaratskaya Bay as well as dozens of maps and satellite data, metadata, databases, analysis software modules and scientific literature. One of the specific features of the system is the multi-window representation of data for concurrent presentation of geographic and technology information.

   The system has fully classified and registered the Bovanenkovskyoe oil and gas condensate field infrastructure development project and the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta trunk pipeline project.

   A new gas transportation system is required to supply Yamal-produced gas to the end-user, which can transport high-pressure gas using flow-coated pipes.
Gazprom VNIIGAZ has developed and launched a range of educational programs aimed at training qualified personnel for the largest prospective projects. One such program is “Welding and Weld Seal Quality Control,” which had already provided 78 technical control experts. It now enjoys the support of all major players in the field of high-pressure, long-distance, high-durability trunk gas pipeline construction projects. Beginning in 2010, VNIIGAZ is developing a range of education programs and materials for training welders and welding experts for the Gazprom group of companies.

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