May 15, 2010
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№4 April   2010

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Editor's Letter

Shtokman Stalls Again Ghosts of “Kuzma’s Mother”

Pat Davis Szymczak

   The news these days about gas, be it natural gas, LNG, LPG, shale gas …  “whatever” gas ... is giving me a very different kind of gas, in fact a very ...

Main Article

Shale Gas Provokes Debate in Russia

The Russian federal legislature, the Duma, has recommended the government evaluate Russia’s potential in shale gas. Lawmakers have also said the government should study new technologies for producing shale gas and determine the ability to implement them in Russia. These recommendations were adopted at a roundtable dedicated to the prospects for producing gas from non-traditional sources.

Featured Article

New Russian University: A Focus On Arctic Oil

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has signed the decree officially establishing the Northern Federal (Arctic) University in Arkhangelsk. The decree was signed on April 2, but officially revealed only on Tuesday evening. Putin has been expected to announce the establishment of new Russian federal universities during a visit to Krasnoyarsk on Monday, March 29, but cut his trip short due to the terrorist attack in the Moscow subway.

More Top Features

API Certification Offers Ticket to Global Market

The growing competition in Russia’s oil and gas industry and strict bidding demands urge players to constantly prove their competitiveness. One such advantage is the certification program run by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

High Performance Flexible Lines for the Oil Industry

Bonded flexible pipes are suitable for various oilfield applications, and are used especially offshore, including deep water and harsh environment.

Weathering the Storm. Oil and gas market players hope for a rebound in 2010

The global financial crisis did ripple through Russia’s oil and gas industry, but after passing the peak of the downturn the petroleum sector is going to bounce back in 2010, says the majority of respondents in a recent survey conducted by OGE.

Drilling Market Looks Forward After Exploration Slump

Companies hope 2010 recalls the better days of 2008 as they move past the slide of last year. Russian oil companies are upbeat at the beginning of 2010 despite last year’s slump – preliminary drilling results from 2009 are not showing the reduction most analysts expected.

Data collected from the Energy Ministry’s Central Dispatch Directorate (CDD) show that while exploratory drilling in the first half of 2009 was down 41.2 percent, production drilling only slowed a mere 2.2 percent. 

New Facets of Paradigm Traditional Technologies

Paradigm™, a leading provider of enterprise software technologies and services for the global oil and gas industry, held its annual workshop in late November 2009 in Tyumen, the administrative and business center of Russia’s largest oil-producing region.

Premium Threads Prevent Accidents

It is widely known that efficiency and reliability in drilling, well casing and on-site tubing pipes is very closely related to the type and quality of thread connections.

Long-Term Deals Saved Rig Makers in 2009

For drilling equipment producers 2009 was an uneasy year. Pre-crisis forecasts predicted soaring demand for drilling rigs as aging fleets across the country required replacement. In reality, manufacturers were able to keep their business afloat largely owing to long-term contracts.

VZBT – Acronym for Quality Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs have been manufactured in Volgograd for over 60 years and in this time the Volgograd Drilling Equipment Plant (VZBT) has come a long way.

LUKOIL Likely Buyer of ConocoPhillips Stake

LUKOIL Board Chairman Valery Graifer told journalists in Moscow today that if ConocoPhillips does decide to sell some of its shares in Lukoil as has been reported by Reuters, then LUKOIL should buy them. Answering a question on whether the company should make the purchase, Graifer said, “Of course”. He added that the issue still needs to be discussed by top executives in LUKOIL and noted that at the end of April 2010, LUKOIL’s foreign projects would be on the agenda of a planned meeting of the board of directors and this issue would also be covered.

World Bank: FSU Needs $3 Trillion Investment in Energy

The outlook for primary energy supplies, heat, and electricity is questionable for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, despite Russia and Central Asia’s current role as a major energy supplier to both Eastern and Western Europe, according to the latest report from the World Bank, Lights Out? The Energy Outlook in Eastern Europe and the Central Asia, launched March 18. In spite of the underlying resource base, the region as a whole will face an energy crunch unless investments of more than $3 trillion are made over the next 20 years, according to the report.

Kyiv Seeks Strategy to Amend Russian Gas Deals

On March 25, Ukraine’s new Prime Minister, Nikolay Azarov, visited Moscow seeking discounted Russia gas prices for Ukraine. Azarov’s host, Vladimir Putin, suggested that Russia could consent eventually, if the new Ukrainian government starts trading off its assets and the country’s European orientation.

Azarov carried to Moscow a political offer to share Ukraine’s gas transit system with Gazprom, in the form of a “consortium” with some European involvement. Kyiv has also announced that its First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Klyuyev is completing draft legislation toward that end. However, the consortium formula seems far from fleshed out; and a decorative European presence –to make the proposed consortium more palatable in Ukraine and in Brussels – is not in sight.


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