August 22, 2012
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Editor’s Letter

"The Ant & the Grasshopper" – Norwegian Twist to Aesop’s Tale

Pat Davis Szymczak

Trying to analyze the good and the bad of the Russian economy these days leaves me contemplating Aesop’s ancient Greek fable of the ant and the grasshopper (dragon fly in Ivan Krylov’s 19th Century Russian version). During the…


From Submarines to Subsea Oil Tech

The Norwegian major Hydro is boosting its activities outside of Norway as it builds a global reputation as a leading player both upstream and downstream. So it is of no surprise that Russia – Norway’s neighbor on the Arctic shelf and the owner of huge undeveloped hydrocarbon reserves, is getting a priority ranking in the company’s international strategy.

Designing Aluminum Pipe Drill Strings for Extended Reach Horizontal Drilling

A rational drill string design in many respects defines the successful drilling of extended reach horizontal boreholes. The basic problem when drilling such boreholes are drag forces which directly depend on the weight of a drill string.


Romania’s Rompetrol Automates to Optimize Performance

In today’s high technology world, it is unusual to find a refinery and chemical complex that is processing up to one million tons of crude with only four PC’s on site.

Russian Tech Abroad

From the West Siberian Tundra to the Tropics of Indonesia – Fracing Works!

Hydraulic reservoir fracturing (frac) and the so-called well run “optimization” have become the main well work performed at the majority of Russian oil companies in the past decade,. due to their high technological efficiency and simplicity.

Computer Modeling

Overview of Computer-Aided Pipe Work Design Systems

In this overview five computer-aided pipe work design systems (CAD) have been considered.

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