August 22, 2012
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Editor’s Letter

Let’s Get “Catty” about 2010 and Greet New Year with a Roar!

Pat Davis Szymczak

   Brandy and Patches are excited! Who? My two golden tabby Moscow-street cats! I just told them that 2010 is the “Year of the Tiger” according to the…

Main Article

Analysis: 2009 Top Discoveries

      Looking back at 2009, crude oil prices rebounded nicely from the 2008 rollercoaster of record highs and devastating lows. The recovery, which primarily occurred in the last three quarters of the year, made it one of the strongest years for crude oil since 1973 on a percentage gain basis. Crude oil gained about 75% in 2009, and natural gas ended the year flat compared to 2008.

Featured Article

Severstal-metiz Launches New Line of High-Performance Steel-Wire Ropes for Drill Rigs

   Steel-wire rope is a major element of any drilling system. It is the flexible connection between the drawworks, the crown block at the top of the rig, and the traveling block. In order to efficiently hoist and bear the weight of heavy drilling tools, such wire ropes need to be highly flexible and have a high mechanical strength to resist complex loads.

More Top Features

3M™ Glass Bubbles HGS Series Improve Lightweight Cement Slurry Performance

   Nowadays many oil and gas producers and service companies face the important task of improving the quality of casing cementing in well completions as it directly affects the reliability of operation.

DuPont Advanced Technology in Pipeline Performance

   Specific features of Russian upstream include chemical composition of the produced oil and its watercut, which results in rapid corrosion of on-site steel pipelines – on some fields, up to several millimeters per annum. Naturally, the sheer quantity of leaks forces oil professionals to develop efficient rust protection methods.

Research History of Lake Gas Hydrates

   Gazprom VNIIGAZ researches gas hydrates for over 40 years. Experts of the institute have shown the possibility of a gas-hydrate buildup in natural environment back in 19661; the results of the research on estimating the scale of gas-hydrate formations in the natural environment have been labeled as a scientific discovery in 19702; for the first time ever, in 1972 a team of experts collected core samples of natural gas hydrates from the deep-water Black Sea3.

CATKoneft – the Trend-Setter in Russia’s Hydraulic Fracturing Industry

   The CATKoneft limited company had been established as a joint Russian-Austrian venture. It was named after its co-founders – Austria-based CAToil and Russia’s Kogalymneftegaz. All these years we diligently studied, adopting experience and knowledge of our foreign partners.

Mirrico Set to Challenge Majors in Oilfield Chemicals Industry

   I had visited Mirrico service company at its Kazan headquarters before, but this was the first time I got picked up at the local railway station by a modest Russia-made Niva Chevrolet rather than a flashy foreign import.

Crisis Shake-Out Strengthens OFS

   Last year Russia’s oilfield services market was hit hard by the global economic downturn, ultimately shrinking by 21 percent. Only the majors and midsize firms survived, largely due to their financial cushion, flexibility and innovative approach – all must-haves in a time of crisis.

NIS to Offer Cleaner Fuels to Serbian Motorists

   During the relatively short post-Soviet period, Russians have already got used to fancy cars on local roads. Things are different in Serbia, the largest shard of former Yugoslavia, where visitors are likely to notice many worn-out vehicles in the streets.

Nitpo to Welcome New Guests in Gelendzhik

   The Fifth International Scientific and Practical Conference “State-of-the-Art Well Workover and Oil Recovery Factor Improvement Technologies. Development Perspectives” will take place May 24-29, 2010 in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory. Nitpo Research and Production Co. will traditionally perform as the conference organizer.

SPE Honors Future Engineers

   Russia’s petroleum industry, which has traditionally boasted highly skilled professionals, needn’t worry for its future.

Ernst & Young’s review of global oil and gas transactions in 2009

In this report Ernst & Young looks at some of the main trends in oil and gas merger and acquisition activity in the last 12 months and considers the outlook for deal activity  across the sector in 2010.

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