August 22, 2012
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№ 10 (October 2009)

Vladimir Solomonovich Basovich Celebrates His 70th Birthday

   On 20 November 2009, Chief Engineer of Aquatic (a company of Weatherford Group) Vladimir Solomonovich Basovich will celebrate his 70th  birthday.
Vladimir Basovich was born in the oilers’ city – Baku.  In 1961, he graduated from Gubkin Moscow Oil Institute, the Mechanical Engineering Department, and took employment with All-Russia Research Institute of Oil and Gas Industry Integrated Automation (VNIIKAneftegaz), Moscow, – and that was the start of his professional life.

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He was lucky to take part in drilling the first superdeep wells in the USSR: Aral-Sor well SG-1 in West Kazakhstan; well No. 100 in the Shakhova Kosa, Azerbaijan; and Biikzhal well SG-2 in the Pre-Caspian depression.
In 1973, on behalf of VNIIKAneftegaz, Vladimir Basovich took charge of works in a comprehensive program to create the country’s first offshore jack-up rig “Baky” for exploration drilling in the Caspian Sea aquatory.
Main scientific and production achievements in creative activity of Vladimir Basovich are his participation in designing, fabrication and delivery of the measuring instrumentation system and his personal long-standing participation in scientific drilling and survey of the world’s deepest well SG-3 in the Kola peninsula.
He set to this work in autumn 1966, at the phase of exploratory design.  In 1969, this unique project for drilling the first stage of the Kola well to a depth of 7,000 meters was approved and in 1970, the well drilling was started.
In 1975, Vladimir Basovich together with his family moved from Moscow to the Kola peninsula, to the town of Zapolyarny and spent 22 years there working at all stages of the well drilling and survey, in the capacity of the Scientific Deputy Director of the Research and Development Center “Kola Superdeep”.
In 1983, the bottom of Kola well SG-3 reached 12,000 meters, and it turned to be the deepest borehole in the world.  Under the guidance and with direct involvement of Vladimir Basovich, a unique R&D program was developed and successfully completed in the course of drilling SG-3 well to the record depth:
evaluation of the drill string stress-strain condition and improvement of its operational reliability;
downhole telemetry system for high temperatures and pressures;
technology and engineering means for well path control;
the country’s first computerized information system for drilling monitoring and control.
These researches and developments were used as a basis for the thesis prepared and defended by Basiovich in 1983 to take a PhD degree in engineering sciences.
In 1997, after main stages of pooling the experience in drilling SG-3 had been completed, Vladimir Basovich came back to Moscow and took employment with Aquatic, in the capacity of Chief Engineer. This transfer was not accidental since he formerly participated in Aquatic’s major offshore projects: in 1991 in the Atlantic; in 1993 in the Norwegian Sea; and in 1995 in the Strait of Gibraltar.
After he joined Aquatic, one of the company’s core businesses was defined – designing, fabrication and introduction of the series of aluminum alloy oilfield tubular goods, primarily, drill pipes of improved reliability for rotary and combined drilling of different purpose wells.
In the course of work in Aquatic, a full-scale production of aluminum alloy drill pipes was launched under the guidance of Vladimir Basovich; and at present, over 600,000 meters of pipes manufactured by Aquatic are successfully used by many oil companies in Russia and abroad.
At the end of 2007, Aquatic joined the Weatherford Group, and Vladimir Basovich continues working in the new structural division and directing research, development and a full-scale production of aluminum alloy oilfield tubular goods.
For his successful work aimed at ensuring scientific and engineering support for superdeep drilling in the country, Vladimir Solomonovich Basovich has received a number of government awards and honorable distinctions of the USSR Ministry of Geology. He is also the author of over 80 publication, patents and inventions.
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