August 22, 2012
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№ 9 (September 2009)

TNK-BP Launches Sales of New Branded Fuel TNK Pulsar

TNK-BP announced the launch of TNK Pulsar performance unleaded A95 gasoline at the company’s TNK-branded service stations in Moscow and the Moscow Region

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TNK Pulsar complies with Euro-4 environmental requirements and well exceeds the relevant Russian technical standard (GOST R 51866). The fuel was developed by TNK-BP specialists using innovative fuel technologies. TNK Pulsar was tested at two independent technical centres in Germany and its advanced technical properties were confirmed by ZAO NAMI-Khim, the Russian centre for automobile expertise.

Gasoline engines using TNK Pulsar experience 34 times less inlet valve deposits, 11% less carburetor fouling and 2.4 times more prevention of corrosive activity as compared to ordinary gasoline A95 used in Moscow. TNK Pulsar has much greater cleaning power than normal fuels. It not only prevents the formation of 90% of engine deposits but also removes 60% of existing deposits over time.

TNK Pulsar contains 3 times less sulphur and 16.7% less aromatic hydrocarbons compared to ordinary fuel, which makes introduction of this new generation product line a considerable milestone in the company’s efforts to contribute to a better environment. 

“The launch of TNK Pulsar supports TNK-BP’s commitment to reinforce its retail presence in Russia and Ukraine by offering the best customer value and considerate environmental products,” said Didier Baudrand, Executive Vice President Downstream, TNK-BP. “Our intention to become the retailer of choice is underpinned by the refining quality program and continuous modernization of our refining facilities.”    

“TNK Pulsar is an innovative fuel which ensures reliable performance of the engine and extends its service life,” said Amir Feyzulin, Vice President Marketing, TNK-BP. “We plan to offer TNK Pulsar, a quality fuel of new generation, across the TNK-branded retail network in all regions of our operations.”


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