August 22, 2012
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Editor’s Letter

Chewing the Fat on Greasing Business Relations with Salo

   If you didn’t…

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European Energy Firms Fall Short in Gazprom Purchases

European energy companies, faced with weakening demand and plentiful lower-cost fuel supplies, have bought far less natural gas from Russia’s OAO Gazprom this year than they are obliged to under long-term contracts — setting the scene for a potentially damaging showdown with Moscow.

Featured Article

ION Geophysical’s CEOBob Peebler Reveals What’s Hot in Arctic Seismic

Of the world’s reserves, 70 percent are on land. Yet oil producers have put marine exploration center stage because of the enormity of the discoveries yet to be made.

More Top Features

What Africa Offers
to Russian NOCs and Service Companies

The African continent’s offshore is home to what would have been thought to be a surprising number of highly sophisticated offshore development projects just a decade ago.

Russian NOCs abroad:
 Gazprom in Libya

Russian companies are increasingly making an impact on Africa’s oil and gas scene, particularly in North Africa and Nigeria. With Gazprom undertaking an aggressive exploration campaign in Libya.

Development of Oil Refining: 
It Will Be Too Late to Start Tomorrow

Technological inferiority of the Russian oil refining sector compared to that of developed Western states is not a novelty and cannot be explained only by the withering “perestroika” of the 1990s.

TNK-BP Leads Lisichansk Refinery 
to European Standards

The company invested over $400 million into refinery modernization
Ukraine imported more than half of its oil products on the domestic market last year. While the Ukrainian companies produced 90% of the total 16 mln tons of fuel consumed in the country in 2005, this year their market share is only 45%, reports Kommersant Ukraine.

Market Trends: Demand for Drilling Tools Is Set to Grow

What is the current state of the domestic drilling services market? The averages rarely correspond to the “real McCoy” – as conventional wisdom goes, averaged temperature of hospital patients will be normal because though some patients have high temperature, others will have temperature below normal.

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller about Security of Supply and Related Investments

24th World Gas Conference

5–9 October 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina

CHTPZ GROUP Increases Tubes Marketability through Modernization of Production Facilities

A town of Pervouralsk located in several kilometers from the border between Europe and Asia owes its origin and existence only to metallurgy

Natural Gas: The Russians Are Coming!

From a new trading desk in Houston, Gazprom targets the American market with cheap LNG

Oil Demand from Developed Countries Has Peaked

World oil demand is poised for recovery driven by emerging markets but demand from OECD countries is unlikely return to its 2005 high

TNK-BP Launches Sales of New Branded Fuel TNK Pulsar

TNK-BP announced the launch of TNK Pulsar performance unleaded A95 gasoline at the company’s TNK-branded service stations in Moscow and the Moscow Region

Shtokman Investment Decision Postponed Again

Gazprom CEO Aleksei Miller says that the Shtokman investment decision expected in March 2010 will be postponed again, this time for yet another three months.

By Lyudmila Zatsarnaya, Murmansk


Russia, Serbia Cement Closer Economic and Political Ties

Highlighting increasingly close political and economic ties between Russia and Serbia were an energy pact and approval of a major loan to Belgrade, sealed during an official visit by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the Balkan country this week.

The Menacing Gas-Scraper

Are Skyscrapers a Crime Against St Petersburg’s Heritage, or a Boon to Its Development? St. Petersburg, the hometown of both Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, has turned into a battleground ever since a positive decision was made on the construction of the Okhta Center. 

Forecast of Gas Glut Challenges Russia’s Hold on Europe’s Supply

The world faces a natural gas glut that will cool prices, says the International Energy Agency, raising the prospect that Russia’s grip over Europe’s energy security will loosen.

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