August 22, 2012
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Readies Itself for a Shot at Shtokman

№ 7 (July – August 2009)

Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center
Readies Itself for a Shot at Shtokman

Shipyard No. 35, a branch of the Zvezdochka JSC, is a ship repair plant. Being a legal successor to a shipyard it has been working for the Northern Fleet for 70 years, doing ship repair for the Navy, as well as repairing boats and vessels for other customers.

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   The plant is situated on the shore of the ice-free Kola Bay in the northern part of Murmansk. It has a very favourable location owing to a long well-equipped berthing line with depths, providing mooring for large-size ships and vessels.
The branch is a complex of workshops, docks and waterfront structures carrying out repair works and providing service to surface vessels and various floating constructions that perform a variety of functions.

   The branch has great experience in making a wide range of dock repairs – shell repairs, welding, painting, rudder, stabilizers and propeller (including controllable pitch propeller) repairs, pipe and sea valves repairs.

   The plant has introduced, and keeps to a system of quality management in compliance with ISO requirements (ISO 9001: 200, GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and GOST RV 15.002-2003). The system of quality management has been re-certified by the Russian Register and Oboronsertifika (certification society for defense industries).

   Having conducted a market study to identify what kind of works will be required when developing the Shtokman offshore gas condensate field, Shipyard No. 35 developed a package of services for the companies engaged in the offshore part of the project.

   The branch has a necessary base for bench tests of the repaired items, which enables testing and adjusting to be done in workshops before carrying out installation and mounting on vessels in compliance with the requirements of construction and repair documentation.

   Quality control department with an experienced staff, having at least a 20-year record of service, supervises the works and carries out technical acceptance.
After studying the demands of the market of subsea production units manufacturers, the Shipyard decided to offer its free premises for the leading foreign companies to use them for joint production, assembling and testing their large-dimension blocks. The infrastructure of the branch meets the requirements imposed to assembling and testing of templates. The clean assembly workshop might be used for assembling, mounting and testing operations. All supplementary work such as production of structural components, cable electrical circuitry, hydraulic systems and systems of high-pressure compressed air, machining, galvanic coating and other auxiliary operations are available in the existing workshops of the branch.

   Zoning of such areas and separating them from the shipyard manufacturing areas will make it possible to avoid a long procedure of getting the right of access premises for foreign specialists.

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