August 22, 2012
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Our Clients Vote 
by Their Orders

№ 5 (May 2009)

Our Clients Vote 
by Their Orders

   The VBM-Group engineering company consists of four drillbit plants: Volgaburmash (Samara), Uralburmash (Verkhnie Sergi, Sverdlov region), Drogobchesky drillbit plant (Drogobych, Ukraine) and Sarapul drillbit plant (Sarapul, Udmurtia).

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   Some 40 percent of the holding’s production is exported. For the decades of existence, the plants have been awarded over 350 patents for drillbit tools and their production technology, e.g. Volgaburmash adopted over 1,500 innovations into its production cycle. High quality standards, in force on all plants of the holding, ensure that production of the company competes on par with renowned Western drillbit producers. In spite of the global economic situation, the VBM-Group holding invests into production and develops new technologies. Sizeable amounts are invested in buying high-end equipment for production of drillbits compliant to highest Russian and international standards.
   We offer our readers an interview with Sergei Valerievich Mamedov,  Head of the Board of the VBM-Group:
Oil&Gas Eurasia: The unique thing about VBM-Group is that four plants produce the full range of drillbits required by drilling companies, wherever they decide to drill and in any climate.
Sergei Mamedov: This is true. Currently our plants produce over 1,000 nominal sizes of cone cutter drillbits with diameter from 76 to 711.2 mm, including high-speed bits (up to 600 rpm), medium-speed (up to 300 rpm) and low-speed (from 30 to 180 rpm), with open or oil-filled rolling contact bearings or sleeve bearings, with sideway, central or combined rinsing (blowdown) for breaking materials grading from highly soft to highly solid abrasive. We also manufacture PDC bits with water or mud rinsing, for drilling vertical, deviating and horizontal oil and gas wells in abrasive strata. We cooperate with the best Western producers of PDC cutter, which ensures that we equip our drillbits with top quality pieces. 
OGE: Today many leading oil companies address the issue of improving drilling technologies. In your opinion, what advantages PDC drilling brings?
Mamedov: Usage of PDC bits opens up new opportunities in well drilling by boosting up the drilling process’ performance indicator. The key advantages of PDC bits are their structural reliability, high rock-cutting rate and improved durability of the cutter. Also, high steering capacity of PDC bits in drilling projects and dimensionally levelled and stable hole saves time, in parallel improving drilling quality.
Combined with modern drilling equipment and labor management, all these advantages ensure highly cost-effective production, enabling the switch to industrial-grade wells’ drilling. Another significant factor is the reduction of a well construction period, which results in plummeting cost of industrial infrastructure maintenance and lower environmental load, which is a great advantage in modern approach to the drilling process organization.
OGE: What do you think about technical equipment of drilling contractors from the viewpoint of exposure to cutting-edge technologies?
Mamedov: Judging by the demand for our production and thanks to permanent contact with our consumers, I can certainly say that our drilling companies have a very sensitive reaction to any new developments in drilling technology. Also, if such developments address material savings in parallel to time savings, which we guarantee by the quality of our production, our clients vote in favour of modern drilling equipment by their orders.
OGE: To the point, about the quality of your production. All your plants have uncommon in Russia quality certification ISO 9001.
 Mamedov: We pay great attention to the issue of production quality. Indeed, damage control after a borehole accident due to low-quality drillbit costs hundred, if not thousand, times more than the flawed drillbit itself. We want to have full responsibility for the quality of our production. With this in mind we’ve developed and installed a quality management system which complies to standard 9001 by the International Standards Organization and to Q1 by API.  Efficiency of applying our Quality management system to cone cutter bits and PDC bits production is proved by annual audit conducted by the API experts. 
OGE:  Do you find it hard to comply with such high standards?
Mamedov: Indeed, considering certain traditional particularities of the Russian industry, at first it was anything but simple. But now it’s difficult to imagine that there was time when we operated differently. Our wish to have competitive edge on the global market and to be maximum useful to our clients dictates the need for constant quality control and an ongoing task of expanding our product line.
OGE: How do you approach your potential clients?
Mamedov: Though production lines of VBM-Group can manufacture some tens of thousands of drillbits, we also can produce tailor-made drillbit tools according to client’s specs, we can design and manufacture a drillbit for a particular well and specific drilling environment. Customization does not influence the price of our production and custom-made drillbit does not cost more, while its performance ratio is skyrocketing. We can consider the most demanding wishes of drilling companies, producing drillbits for usage in any climate whatsoever. 
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