August 22, 2012
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№ 5 (May 2009)

Outstaffing in Russia: What? Why? How?

   The technology that helps to reduce personnel administrative expenses and risks appeared fairly long ago and was called outstaffing.

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   One of the world leaders in outstaffing technology is Fircroft Engineering Services Limited that was formed in 1970 in Manchester, UK, providing Engineering and Technical personnel to the oil and gas projects.
   Considering the location of each project Fircroft has an international support network of offices and joint ventures: in Russia, Australia, Singapore, Qatar, Angola, the USA, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
   The Fircroft Moscow office first opened in 2003 and we have built upon our sound reputation. Our client portfolio of major oil and gas operations and household names to many of whom we are trusted, long-standing recruitment partners.  With that we render services to companies that have been working for a long time on the Russian market and also to those that are just starting their business. For example such companies as Vetco Grey and VT Nuclear Services Ltd, who doesn’t have their offices in Russia, perform their activities with the help of Fircroft.  We opened our office in Saint-Petersburg for the Shtokman Project.
Having solid experience of personnel management and accounting maintenance our company offers product that correspond to the European standards of the service scope and qualities, but oriented on Russian market realities.
   We provide not only Russian personnel, but also organize recruitment of foreigners, from receiving visas and work tickets to full tax payment.
Elena Doroshenko, General Director of the Fircroft Engineering Services Limited Moscow office:
   “Here and now, in the crisis period, when the business situation is unpredictable, when non-permanent personnel is needed, when the management of the companies has to concentrate on it’s basic business,  when there is high probability of the labor disputes, the service of outstaffing  is on great request. An additional point is that Fircroft offers the outstaffed personnel involvement into its bonus system, that is a big advantage for managers. The outstaffed personnel receive an access to different types of insurance programs and other bonuses.”
   Experts expect an inevitable further growth of demand on outstaffing services, produced by the companies that, first of all, have accurate well-proven technologies, oriented on a specific client, that can offer flexible price policy, confidentiality and that have proved to be professional. More accurate formulation of the juridical and taxation base for the outstaffing services in Russia will contribute to the further development of this business.
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