August 22, 2012
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№ 5 (May 2006)

Acquiring Seismic With Input/Output’s System Four3

Input Output introduces the latest release of its cable based land system with enhanced reliability and operational productivity

By Information Supplied by Input/Output

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This third generation of the system, called System Four3, offers a comprehensive suite of new features to ensure cost-effective acquisition of high-quality seismic data in the most challenging onshore environments.  The system maximises uptime during field operations and delivers significant productivity gains.
Ralph Muse, vice president of I/O’s Land Imaging Systems Divisions, commented, "As the demand for full-wave data continues to increase, the System Four3 platform, coupled with our VectorSeis digital 3C sensor will allow oil & gas companies to address a wide range of challenging geophysical objectives and obtain vital information needed to reduce their E&P risks".

Notable product enhancements include:

Advanced static and lightning protection
The new release provides enhanced protection when ground electronics units are not properly grounded due to field deployment challenges. An example of this is hanging the units and associated cable in trees to minimize the risk of cable breaks caused by the sharp teeth of local wildlife. This upgrade coupled with the rugged metal housing of the units ensures the best uptime in the industry in areas where static and lightning are commonplace.
Introduction of DataBridgeTM
DataBridge provides a wireless backbone for the avoidance of obstacles such as highways, railroads, rivers and canyons. Radio links provide seamless connectivity across  obstacles, minimising spread deployment time and thus maximising production recording time.
Vibroseis productivity enhancements
System Four3 provides tighter integration with I/O’s source controller technology.
• Our Pelton Vib ProTM source controller has been fully embedded with System Four3 for efficient management of complex Vibroseis operations.
• A realtime noise monitor of spread noise conditions has been added. This functionality enables easy identification of stationary noise without interrupting production and minimises the number of Vibroseis points having to be re-shot due to noise conditions exceeding survey specific requirements.
• Vib NetTM II has been fully integrated with System Four3. Vib Net fully unleashes the productivity potential of Source Driven acquisition by providing real time visibility to vibrator drivers and the observer in the recording truck on exact Vibroseis positions. This navigation capability and centre of gravity (COG) feature enable another productivity enhancement opportunity – the stakeless surveys.
Asynchronous time break recording and remote start recording
This feature enables surveys which rely on weight drop or air gun sources. It also allows Master/Slave remote start applications where System Four3 is the Slave to another system, or with air gun sources where the gun boat is the Master.
User-defined custom reports
This attribute significantly reduces the effort associated with customising reports to meet individual seismic contractor and oil & gas company requirements.
Other benefits of System Four3 include:
• 1/2 ms sample rate analogue recording capability for high-resolution acquisition objectives
• Enhanced SPS file management and maintenance tools to efficiently manage large surveys (less than 50,000 shot points).
I/O continues to build on the proven foundation of the System Four3 platform in order to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership in land acquisition. The system’s additional strengths of superior performance in near proximity to static and lightning, advanced telemetry management, a Microsoft Windows based operating system and unmatched system dynamic range continue to be supported in this release.

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