August 22, 2012
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№ 1 (January 2007)

Editor’s Letter

Who Else but OGE Can Play ‘Spin the Bottle’ in Novy Urengoi?

Pat Davis Szymczak

Happy New Year! We at Oil&Gas Eurasia hope your celebration was a good one and that the champagne flowed all night. Speaking of champagne, I’d like to draw your attention to the lead story in January 2007, our first issue of the New Year. Just before Christmas began in the West, OGE’s Elena Zhuk zipped tight her parka and flew to Novy Urengoi above the Arctic Circle. There she spent some days talking to the Gazprom-Wintershall joint venture Achimgaz and the JV’s drilling contractor, Germany’s KCA DEUTAG, a part of Abbott Group of the UK.

Yes guys, a lot is going on between foreign companies and Russian companies in Siberia. While Lena braved the Arctic cold, I kept warm in Moscow watching Venezuela’s president rant on CNN about his overnight nationalization of the Venezuelan oil industry while the bad news just kept getting worse from the Middle East. I mean it guys, Russia isn’t a bad place to be, in fact, it’s quite a good place to be. Just read Lena’s cover story in this issue, then email me, [email protected] to learn how Oil&Gas Eurasia can help you find your niche.

But as for champagne – have you ever wondered how towns like Novy Urengoi came to be; other than the obvious fact that they sprang up in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s out of barrack camps set up for pioneering oil and gas workers who opened Siberia for the industry? Well, it is said that the Soviet Minister of the Gas Industry tossed an empty champagne bottle out of a helicopter while conducting an aerial survey to mark the center of where the new town would be built.

Truth (some in Novy Urengoi swear by it) or urban myth (others say it’s crazy), it sure makes a good story to lead into Lena’s excellent companion article, a city profile, which offers readers a first hand look at what it’s like to live in the region from where much of Gazprom’s gas exports to Europe originate.
Now here comes the commercial! For several months now I’ve been talking about ROI and audience measurement. I’ve driven home (I hope) the point that Oil&Gas Eurasia delivers value to the advertiser because we are the only media in Russia with a BPA circulation audit. We prove that we get the magazine to our readers. But how do we know our subscribers actually read what we print? Believe it or not some actually tell us, and they’ve gone on to describe how they have gotten feedback to advertisements in OGE and feedback from prospective clients from articles.

And guess what? It is the independently written article, balanced, professional journalism that is actually read. In launching our new website, we analyzed the most popular articles from the past year as tracked by our Google Analytics system. Not surprisingly, the OGE articles readers visited the most in 2006 were the company and market profiles written independently by our own journalists. And the ones that described conditions in the field from a first hand visit to Siberia scored the highest. We at OGE like to say that we don’t second guess the Russian market from London or Houston, the Spanish, or even French Riviera. We live in the areas from which we report – the very places our clients need to go if they want to establish a joint venture manufacturing company with a Russian partner. As trade media, Oil&Gas Eurasia is your information partner. We can truly claim to be experts at what we write.

So we hope you enjoy our look this month at Russia’s oldest and still most important natural gas production region and the world class Russian and foreign companies that drill and produce hydrocarbons there. I’d also like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our new website,  and to participate in our new Technology Forum on the home page. There specialists can meet to trade information and discuss problems in their language of choice, Russian or English. You can meet there in cyberspace our technology editor who will moderate these discussions, as well as other editors and journalists – except for the days they are called to visit, on our readers’ behalf, some successful venture in the Russian oil patch.

Stay tuned, 2007 is going to be an exciting year for the Oil&Gas Eurasia bilingual global community.

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