August 22, 2012
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№ 1 (January 2007)

HP and Lukoil-Inform Announce ITSM Project of the Year

HP and Lukoil-Inform held a press conference on Wednesday announcing the completion of a joint IT Service Management project which is a major step forward in the relations between the world’s leading IT solutions provider and Russia’s largest oil companies. The project got off to its start in 2005 aiming to optimize the process of providing IT solutions for all member organizations of the LUKOIL group. All the decisions concerning the ITSM processes were being made within Lukloil-Inform under the supervision and with direct participation of HP consultants. The project was named the ITSM project of the year by HP.

By Sergei Balashov

‘Today we announce the completion of a trend setting project," said Owen Kemp, Vice-president and director general of HP in Russia, also making HP’s intentions to stay in this market clear. "This is one of the most significant areas where business is growing faster than average," – he explained. 

According to Kemp, the sides had no trouble developing the needed congruence to successfully collaborate. "This is a healthy dialog between two global companies that have similar challenges giving us relevant topics to talk about," said Kemp. "Our experts were having their dialog about the technology," he added. 

According to Kemp, the IT market in Russia is still "maturing," that’s why the work done by the two companies can serve as a guideline for future development. "This ITSM project is a step forward and I’m sure others will follow," he said. 

This is likely given Lukoil-Inform’s praise of the results of their cooperation with HP. As general director of the company Alexander Kislitsyn commented, "We have the mission of implementing the best technological solutions for management which is a compelling element of the business of the leader of the energy market."

"We’re completely satisfied with the outcome of our first joint project with HP and hope to continue working with HP to boost the efficiency of our work," added Alexander Pruzhinin, deputy for the general director of Lukoil-Inform. 

Owen Kemp presented the Project of the year 2006 award to Alexander Kislitsyn noting that it’s well deserved not only due to it being a large scaled project, but also due to the "excellent collaboration of the experts on both sides."

Neither company disclosed any financial information including the budget of the joint project. 

Hewlett-Packard is steadily gaining ground in the Russian energy sector. The company has already opened a high-tech center in Moscow which became HP’s first expert center in the oil and gas sector in Europe in 2005, and a research lab in St. Petersburg two years later. HP has developed a solid infrastructure in the country possessing 10 offices, over a hundred service centers, and 1600 partners with an ability to support large customers very effectively. The collaboration with Lukoil’s exclusive IT solution provider is considered the company’s first serious step on the way to developing stronger ties in the booming industry which promises solid gains for quality IT providers.

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