August 22, 2012
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   Oil&Gas Eurasia  builds brands in the Russian speaking world. Whether you are already marketing a product to the Russian oilfield or just entering the market, from Moscow to Tyumen, Murmansk to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan, Oil&Gas Eurasia can help you! Our bilingual, multi-national team leverages 20 years experience in the Russian oilfield to get you close to your clients! 

Want your clients at Neftegaz 2012 to “get your message”?

Oil&Gas Eurasia is without equal in delivering quality marketing in the quantity that gets results. No one does Neftegaz (or MIOGE) like we do. Our “Red Army” delivers up to 8,000 bonus copies of the June issue of Oil&Gas Eurasia to visitors and exhibitors during the show + complete distribution to the Russian Petroleum & Gas Congress.




Advertise with Oil&Gas Eurasia’s Neftegaz 2012 issue and get results.

We offer exhibition marketing packages customized to your needs.

CASE STUDY: A Texas-based oilfield service company in 2011 asked us to create a buzz around their new Moscow representation office. Our package included:


RESULTS: A list of nearly 40 qualified Russian sales leads with full demographic details and visits from decision makers from prospective Russian clients with whom our client had previously had no contact – including two Russian majors.

What can Oil&Gas Eurasia do for you at Neftegaz 2012?

Need to Localize Your Exhibition Collateral?

We translate, edit and print manage leaflets, brochures, catalogues and flyers … you name it! Any language into Russian from English to Chinese!

Got a website or a landing page to localize? We don’t just translate, we consult our clients on cultural and Russian business styles of which you might not be aware!

Tell Oil&Gas Eurasia how our 20 years in Russian can help you!

Why Oil&Gas Eurasia is your preferred Media Partner:

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