Industry solutions at TOGC 2020 focus exhibition


Industry solutions at TOGC 2020 will be on display at an alongside exhibition.

The closed-door Transportation Oil and Gas Congress 2020 (TOGC 2020) will be held on 16–17 November 2020 in Milan, Italy. Midstream industry experts will gather at TOGC 2020 to keep updated with the cutting-edge solutions in the pipeline industry. Ground-breaking products and services will be presented at the TOGC focus exhibition area.

The key reason for oil & gas companies to attend the Congress is the opportunity to find professional contacts with reliable contractors. At the TOGC 2020, exhibiting companies demonstrate industry solutions to the oil & gas majors, pipeline operators and EPCs. Participants, from their side, visit the focus exhibition area to find modern developments in pipeline construction.

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The organizers limit the competition at the focus exhibition area. One to three companies are selected in each segment to present their services, equipment or solutions. Limitations provide more attention from the decision-makers of the market to every exhibitor. “We can meet with people who are involved in the sector to show that we can help them and we can add value to their project” says Alfredo Ranaldi from Dragflow, a company that took part in the previous edition of the Congress.

The exhibitors can invite potential partners to their stands. Also, they can bring with them the equipment required for the presentation of their services or products. Face-to-face presentation with the use of the company technologies gives the exhibitors better chances to connect with the industry leaders and show them that they have the solutions they are looking for.

In addition, the architecture of the focus exhibition area ensures equal visibility to every company. Finally, the organizers print and install the roll-up banner for the exhibitors and, therefore, safe their time, money and effort.

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