SIMMONS EDECO wins Mexican drilling contract

The mobile MD Cowan Super Single Drilling Rig’s small footprint minimizes environmental impact and and its automated pipe handling system raises safety standards. Source: SIMMONS EDECO

SIMMONS EDECO wins Mexican drilling contracts that further expand its Latin American business. The Calgary-based supplier of onshore drilling and workover services completed an onshore drilling campaign for a major oilfield services company in Mexico in October.

That USD multi-million dollar contract required SIMMONS EDECO to drill 13 wells. The wells were deviated “S” type wells, and had a maximum target depth of 1,200 meters. These new wells are to be integrated into a field wide steam injection program.

SIMMONS EDECO used the highly mobile MD Cowan Super Single Drilling Rig to drill the initial round of wells. Its extremely small footprint means that impact on the environment is minimal, and its automated pipe handling system means that is safer and easier to operate.

Now, the newest contract, which came also through a major oilfield services company, requires SIMMONS EDECO to drill a series of onshore directional wells, with target depths in the 3,000 meter range. The new wells are the first phase in a major development in Southeastern Mexico.

During the past few years, this particular operator has grown to become a major participant in Mexico’s burgeoning oil and gas industry.

“We welcome the opportunity to work for them on this new initiative,” said Niels Versfeld, Chief Executive Officer of SIMMONS EDECO. “The award of this contract represents a significant opportunity to further expand our operational portfolio in Mexico. It’s clear that employing experienced engineers and crew from the local community is very effective, especially in terms of delivering outstanding service and performance. Once again, we are working in close co-operation with this valued customer to protect the environment and provide a safe workplace.”

The contract is scheduled for completion in early 2020, and is being supported by SIMMONS EDECO personnel onsite, and at the company’s base of operations in Villahermosa, Tabasco, which opened last year.