Cubility Mud Systems Bag First Russian Contract with Slavneft


Cubility AS, a leading provider of solids control solutions, has announced a multi-million dollar contract to supply its MudCube® solution to Russian operator Slavneft and its OOO Baikit Oil & Gas Exploratory Expedition (OOO BNGRE) subsidiary. OOO BNGRE is responsible for exploration, drilling and production in the Krasnoyarsk region in Central and Eastern Siberia. A significant numbers of MudCubes will be deployed in drilling rigs in the area as part of OOO BNGRE’s program to upgrade drilling rigs.

As well as the first Cubility contract in the Russian Federation, the deal – awarded after a competitive bidding process – also marks the first purchase of the MudCubeX, the latest evolution of the MudCube that was launched at ONS 2018 in Stavanger this August and comes with an enhanced modular design allowing for easy integration into all rig designs and fast installation and maintenance. In this way, the MudCube can be up and running and delivering immediate investment returns.

“This is a landmark contract for Cubility – our first in the Russian market and our first delivery of the MudCubeX. With the rise in pad drilling and multiple wells and the need for lower costs but faster drilling times, the MudCube is tailor-made for the Russian market – delivering drilling efficiencies, reducing waste, and having an immediate impact on the bottom line. We hope to be announcing more contracts over the coming months as we continue to expand our activities in this high potential region.”

Even Gjesdal, CEO of Cubility

The MudCube is the industry’s first compact solids control system that eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids, allowing more drilling fluid to be recycled back to the mud tanks and generating dryer cuttings and less waste. This leads to improved drilling efficiencies, reduced operational costs, and improved HSE and working conditions.

The MudCube X can be added to existing operations and start delivering value in drilling fluids and waste disposal almost immediately – processing 100% of the mud and as much as 80% more mud being recovered than other technologies.

The Krasnoyarsk region is one of the fastest growing regions of the Russian oil & gas sector. OOO BNGRE, a subsidiary of Slavneft , is responsible for appraisal drilling, production drilling, well workovers, testing and development on Slavneft interests in the region. These include activities on the different fields. Since 2017, OOO BNGRE has been implementing an expansion program of production facilities that include the upgrading of operating drilling rigs.