TMK’s Premium Thread Connections Play Safe with the Environment

December 5, 2012

Russian pipe producer TMK has introduced to the domestic market a new line of extra tight, premium thread connections that prevent leakage of oil and gas tubulars. Moreover, the company is offering the product as part of a service package that includes design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance.
TMK is the first to introduce such a product in the Russian market and to develop sales, the company has created a new business unit, TMK Premium Services. Moreover, TMK is the first domestic Russian manufacturer to challenge global manufacturers of premium-class thread connections – Tenaris, Vallourec and others. And TMK Premium Services says their line of premium class thread connections can compete in quality and service package.
The company has designed and put to production a series of connections:  GF,  PF,  PF ET, FMC,  FMT, TMK-1. These connections have extra corrosion resistance quality, better fastening, and can withstand more bending, tensile and compressive stresses than some other premium class connections.
In addition, TMK Premium Services offers a number of advantages over foreign manufacturers. The company not only produces and supplies first-rate thread connections, but also offers full maintenance. TMK Premium Services provides field supervision over joints and the integrity of the drill string while running casing.
In addition to that, they train personnel, provide support in maintenance of TMK Premium  thread connections.
The company offers to test its products under real field conditions.
For example, in April of 2008 – for the first time in Russia – TMK Premium Services tested casing with premium class thread connection in a horizontal well, which is the most complicated type for production. The test was carried out at Novatek gas well at Sterhovo field in Yamal-Nenets region. The casing string was pressure-tested to about 190 bar. The pipes retained full integrity of the drill string because of the Premium thread connections.
To develop first-class connections, TMK Premium Services employs proven global techniques, using quality research from the premiere institutes in the country, such as VNIIBT, VNIIGAZ, VNIITneft. TMK connections are the company’s original patent-protected inventions.
TMK Premium Services now offers a completely new solution for the pipe making industry – an advanced Premium thread connection that has been called “an ecological innovation.”
“Ecological safety and ecological/technical risk management are crucial in field development. We offer a precise solution that minimizes both ecological risks and chances for ecological disasters. Our studies also reveal positive economic benefits with the use of TMK extra tight premium class thread connections,” said TMK Premium Services General Director Sergei Chetverikov.
TMK premium thread connections are high quality products which permit the development of the most complicated oil and gas fields during the most severe weather conditions. It is a well-known fact that production is falling at the old fields where recovery is comparatively easy. This makes petroleum companies seek to intensify development of offshore and deepwater areas, such as the Far North, to exploit the existing patches in a different way – by drilling the old wells for the second